Core Researchers

Portland State University's core transportation faculty are regarded as national and international experts in their fields.

Kelly Clifton, Ph.D.

Professor of civil and environmental engineering, 2016 Fulbright Scholar, and major contributer to multimodal modeling.

Kelly Clifton has led research efforts into Contextual Influences on Trip GenerationExamining Consumer Behavior and Travel Choices, and the Development of a Pedestrian Demand Estimation Tool.

Jennifer Dill, Ph.D.

Director of TREC, director of the NITC program, professor of urban studies and planning, and internationally cited researcher on sustainable transportation topics.

Among Jennifer Dill's research projects are Lessons from the Green Lanes: Evaluating Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S.,  Understanding Types of Cyclists Nationally, and the development of a Pedestrian Observation and Data Collection Curriculum for university courses.


Miguel Figliozzi, Ph.D.

Professor of civil and environmental engineering, director of the Transportation Technology and People (TTP) research lab, widely cited scholar and member of the Transportation Research Board Network Modeling Committee and Transportation and Logistics Committee.

Miguel Figliozzi's research investigates things like the Impact of Advanced Technologies on Livability and Multimodal Transportation Performance Measures in Arterial Corridors, and Exploiting New Data Sources to Quantify Arterial Congestion and Performance Measures at a Regional Scale.

Aaron Golub, Ph.D.

Professor of urban studies and planning, investigator of the social contexts of urban transportation systems and advocate of alternatives to the automobile.

Aaron Golub's research explores policy, finance, environmental justice, public transportation, sustainability, bicycle transportation, social change, and the Distributional Effects of Regional Transportation Plans and ProjectsPlanning for livable communities.

Jenny Liu, Ph.D.

Assisant professor of urban studies and planning, assistant director of the Northwest Economic Research Center, and noted environmental and resource economist.

Jenny Liu's research has looked into Understanding the economic impacts of urban greenway infrastructureMeasuring the Impacts of Social Media on Advancing Public Transit, and the Economic and Business Impacts of Street Improvements for Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility.

Christopher Monsere, Ph.D.

Associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering at PSU, and nationally cited researcher into multimodal safety.

Christopher Monsere's research efforts include Improving Walkability Through Control Strategies at Signalized IntersectionsImproving Adaptive Response Signal Control Performance, and Effective Design Treatments for Right-Turns at Intersections with Bicycle Traffic .

Avi Unnikrishnan, Ph.D.

Associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Network Modeling Committee, Traffic Flow Theory Committee, and the ASCE Intermodal and Logistics Committee.

Avi Unnikrishnan has contributed to Stochastic and Dynamic Hyperpath Equilibrium Models, Preventing End of Queue Accidents, and the development of a transportation undergradute research fellowship, a program designed to equip engineering undergraduate students with critical thinking and research skills relevant to transportation engineering and planning with a livability theme.

Liming Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant professor of urban studies and planning, data-driven researcher into land use and transportation planning, and developer of the Transportation Cost Index (TCI), a comprehensive performance measure for transportation and land use systems.

Liming Wang has conducted research on Continuous Data Integration for Land Use and Transportation Planning and ModelingEvaluating and Enhancing Public Transit Systems for Operational Efficiency, Service Quality and Access Equity, and the development of a data science course, Introduction to Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists.

Nathan McNeil, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Nathan McNeil's research has looked into Evaluating Efforts to Improve the Equity of Bike Share SystemsContextual Guidance at Intersections for Protected Bicycle Lanes and Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Monitoring Data Quality, among others. He also worked on the FTA Manual on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Transit, published in 2017.


Research Associate

Joe Broach's research projects include Incorporate Emerging Travel Modes in the Regional Strategic Planning Model (RSPM) Tool, Transferability & forecasting of the Pedestrian Index Environment (PIE) for modeling applications, and Travel Mode Choice Framework Incorporating Realistic Bike and Walk Routes.