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Arthur C. Nelson
Reid Ewing , Jenny Liu
The United States is moving into a new era of metropolitan development and form. The demographic, economic and finance drivers that made America a suburban nation may have run their course. America will see a shift toward infill and redevelopment. Fa ... Read More

Shared Space and Bicyclists

Allison Duncan
Shared space is a traffic calming technique and design concept. The technique is relatively new, and the majority of existing research concerns pedestrians only. This mixed methods study will be international in scope focusing on intersections in E ... Read More

Bridge Seismic Retrofit Measures Considering Subduction Zone Earthquakes

Peter Dusicka
Seismic retrofit implementation in the state has been minimal due to a lack of funding, and when retrofitshave occurred, the scopewas typically limited to phase I retrofit by providing restrainers for keeping the superstructure from sliding from the ... Read More

Lessons from the Green Lanes: Evaluating Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S.

Christopher Monsere
Jennifer Dill , Kelly Clifton , Nathan McNeil
This report presents finding from research evaluating U.S. protected bicycle lanes (cycle tracks) in terms of their use, perception, benefits, and impacts. This research examines protected bicycle lanes in five cities: Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Portla ... Read More

Studying the Effects of Traffic-Calming Bicycle Boulevards on Physical Activity and Active Transportation

Jennifer Dill
The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effects of new bicycle boulevards in Portland, OR on physical activity for recreation and transportation for families with children. Data was collected pre- and post-boulevards, roughly one year apart. ... Read More

Addressing Homeless Encampments on Public Right-of-Way: A Knowledge Transfer Project

Andree Tremoulet
This technology transfer project provided practical information about how to address homeless encampments on public right-of-way to transportation professionals, including Federal Highway Administration officials, Oregon public works directors, trans ... Read More

Evaluation of Bike Boxes at Signalized Intersections: Phase 2

Christopher Monsere
Analyses of motor vehicle and police-reported crash data reveal that nearly 68 percent of bicycle crashes in Portland, Oregon occur at intersections (PDOT, 2004) which is consistent with national trends (Hunter et al., 1996). Hunter et al. (1996) ... Read More

Increasing Bicycling for Transportation: The Role of Cyclist Type and Infrastructure

Jennifer Dill
With an increased focus on reducing the effects of motor vehicle use on the environment, neighborhood livability, safety, and health, planners, engineers, and policy makers are looking to increase the attractiveness of walking and bicycling. The pot ... Read More

Innovative Bicycle Facility Research and Analysis

Christopher Monsere
Jennifer Dill
Research conducted by Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Portland State University, and Toole Design Group ... Read More

Strength & Fatigue of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge Decks with Mechanical Deck to Stringer Connectors

Peter Dusicka
Final report available at: http://www.oregon.gov/odot/td/tp_res/docs/reports/2012/sr_500_490.pdf Replacement of the steel grating deck on the lift span of the Morrison Bridge in Portland, OR, will utilize glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) pane ... Read More

Demonstrating the Benefits of Sustainable Streets for Active Aging

Jennifer Dill
Margaret Neal
This project will help demonstrate how sustainable ("green") streets contribute to the well-being of a community, including the physical and mental health of older and younger adults, along with the environment and economy. The project will collect d ... Read More

Implementation of Active Living Policies by Transportation Agencies and Departments

Jennifer Dill
Deborah Howe
The built environment is an important factor in enabling people of all ages to be physically active on a daily basis whether for recreation or carrying out the tasks of everyday life. The extent to which a community has a system of well-maintained s ... Read More
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