Event Date:
Jun 15, 2017
Content Type: Event

The Portland State University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is pleased to announce Patrick Singleton's PhD Dissertation Defense: "Exploring the Positive Utility of Travel and Mode Choice."

Adviser: Dr. Kelly Clifton

The “positive utility of travel” (PUT) concept suggests that travel may provide benefits and be motivated by factors beyond simply reaching a destination. This dissertation explores the PUT idea theoretically and empirically, using the results of a novel 2016 survey of nearly 700 commuters in the Portland, OR, region. First, a critical literature review strengthens the PUT concept. Next, the two main PUT aspects—travel-based multitasking and subjective well-being in the travel domain—are analyzed, and potential determinants examined. Finally, an integrated choice and latent variable model reveals significant associations between PUT measures and commute mode choices. Findings contribute to travel behavior research and...

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Event Date:
May 13, 2016
Content Type: Professional Development Event

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The City of Portland and the Metropolitan Region have strong policies in place to encourage transportation through means other than the single-occupancy vehicle. Both governments have numeric goals for the proportion of trips to be made by walking, bicycling, transit, shared vehicles, working at home and driving alone. Indeed, the City of Portland desires that by 2035 no more than thirty percent of commute trips be made by people driving alone. Similar policies have driven transportation planning in the city and region for decades.

To understand if these policies will be effective it's necessary to understand whether their antecedents have been effective. The Portland region has been investing in transit, bicycling and walking for more than two decades? Are we moving the needle? Have we been effective?

Roger's presentation will take a look at regional data for the period 2000-2014 to assess the effectiveness of our efforts...

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