Welcome to the TREC Blog

Jennifer Dill, Ph.D.
Professor, Urban Studies & Planning
Director, TREC

University transportation research often follows a typical pattern. You write a proposal and it gets funded. You engage some bright graduate students and hopefully community partners. Collect data. Analyze data. Draw conclusions. Most projects take at least a year, often 2-3 years. It takes longer for the results to get out in a peer-review journal or final report. That can sometimes be frustrating.

The purpose of this blog is to allow our TREC researchers to present their research in a different forum. This can allow us to share early results or findings that are interesting, but may not make it into the journal article. We can also reflect on and discuss how our work relates to current events or public debates, without the constraints of academic journals. We’ll cover a wide range of topics that reflects the breadth of what we’re doing at Portland State. You’ll hear from faculty, researchers, and graduate students. We hope you enjoy it.