Apr 23, 2012

Staff from OTREC at Portland State University toured three partner campuses to prepare for the first round of projects under the National Institute for Transportation and Communities program, or NITC. Portland State, the University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Technology and the University of Utah teamed up for the program, funded with a $3.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The University of Utah was the first to receive a visit, March 19-20, in Salt Lake City. There, NITC executive committee member Keith Bartholomew hosted tours and meetings. Staff met with student representatives from various disciplines and with potential researchers from across campus before meeting potential community partners at the Utah Transit Authority offices. OTREC finance and communications staff members met with their University of Utah counterparts.

The meetings marked the first connection for much of the Utah faculty and OTREC staff. While the University of Oregon and Oregon Tech were already partners under the original OTREC grant, the NITC program marks Portland State and Utah’s first formal collaboration under the federal University Transportation Centers program.

On April 9, staff met with current and potential transportation researchers at the University of Oregon along with...

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Apr 10, 2006

Prof. Robert Bertini attended the University Transportation Center Plenary Session in Washington, D.C. in April 2006. This two-day plenary session provided general information about where current and prospective UTC Program participants could receive information and engaged participants in general discussion about the broad research, development and technology goals of USDOT. Participants also learned about UTC Program goals and requirements under SAFETEA-LU, and heard about UTC grant preparation, approval, administration, oversight and best practices.

Aug 10, 2005

On August 10, 2005 the President signed the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU). SAFETEA-LU authorizes the Federal surface transportation programs for highways, highway safety, and transit for 2005-2009. Within SAFETEA-LU, University Transportation Centers are authorized, and through this legislation a National University Transportation Center was created at Portland State University (PSU). Later named the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC), the Center is a partnership between PSU, the University of Oregon (UO), Oregon State University (OSU) and the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). OTREC was granted $16 million over five years and will focus funding on activities that support its theme of advanced technologies, integration of land use and transportation and healthy communities. OTREC is dedicated to stimulating and conducting collaborative multi-disciplinary research on multi-modal surface transportation issues, educating a diverse array of current practitioners and future leaders in the transportation field and encouraging implementation of research results.