Aug 27, 2009

OTREC recently co-sponsored the National Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Conference in Seaside, OR August 23-27. Prof. Roger Lindgren (OTREC Associate Director from OIT) presented his research Butte Creek Ice Detection and Advanced Warning System Evaluation. Prof. Andrew Nichols (OTREC affiliate faculty from Marshall University) presented Extracting Freight Corridor Performance from Weigh-In-Motion Data. Prof. Chris Monsere was the principal investigator on this project.

Apr 23, 2009

OTREC is pleased to support the 2009 National Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems (NRITS) conference, which is being hosted by the Intelligent Transportation Society of Oregon (ITS Oregon) in Seaside, August 23-27. The conference promises to provide a variety of networking opportunities and time with vendors to help you develop in your professional career. Training will provide the transportation professional with cost effective professional development hours. The 2008 conference attracted approximately 300 participants from 36 states and four countries to Anchorage last September and ITS Oregon hopes that the location and season will make the 2009 edition an even greater success.

Jan 14, 2009

OTREC will be co-sponsoring the National Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems conference in Seaside, OR; August 23-27, 2009. The Call for Abstracts has been issued. To submit an abstract for presentation, go to:, then click on Programs. Authors can also email abstracts to Emails must include all of the following: Abstract title, Lead author contact information (name, organization, address, phone & fax numbers, and email), Supporting author(s) name(s) and email addresses (if any), Topic area, and Abstract text (500 word maximum).