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Research Highlights

Institutional and Technology Options for VMT Data and Fee Collection Centers

Anthony Rufolo
The objective of this report is an analysis of public vs. private data and fee collection centers for vehicle miles traveled (VMT) fees. This includes the identification and evaluation of issues that will affect the relative desirability of the two forms of ownership and operation. These issues include cost, enforcement, debt collection, flexibility, and public perception. There are a variety of issues that must be addressed in evaluating public or private provision of a government se... Read More

Understanding Driver Behavioral Changes Associated with Road User Fees

Anthony Rufolo
Objective The Oregon Department of Transportation conducted a test of an innovative technology to replace fuel taxes with mileage fees. In the test, some vehicles were charged a flat fee per mile and others were charged differential fees that were higher for travel in the Portland metropolitan area during weekday peak hours and lower for other travel. I was charged with developing the database for the project and analyzing the behavioral responses of the participants. The database is quit... Read More