TREC’s broad research program addresses complex transportation problems by drawing on multiple disciplines, including engineering, planning, economics and design, from across the Portland State University campus. Browse the featured projects below or use the search box at right to search for a specific project. NOTE: If you're looking for projects from our partner campuses, use the NITC research search.

Research Highlights

Continuous Data Integration for Land Use and Transportation Planning and Modeling

Liming Wang
There is an urgent need for improved models that address the interdependencies between land use and transportation, and considerable new work is underway to develop such models in Oregon and elsewhere. These models and planning practices to integrate land use into the process, however, require the integration of massive amounts of land use data that is messy and incomplete. There have been considerable advances in the treatment of such data problems in other domains, drawing on data mining a... Read More

Development, Deployment, and Assessment of a New Educational Paradigm for Transportation Professionals and University Students

Ashley Haire
This project is a part of the Region X Consortium’s plan to deliver a new educational program to a target audience of university students and transportation professionals in the Pacific Northwest in order to address pipeline, training, and retention issues in the transportation industry. The program is based on a new paradigm for educational content delivery—an active, problem-based learning environment conducted at a distance. Supported by educational research and the expertise of the facult... Read More