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Research Highlights

Participation, Information, and Community Interests within Health Impact Assessments (HIA)

Nicole Iroz-Elardo
Dissertation Summary: Health impact assessment (HIA) has recently emerged in the US as a mechanism for potentially increasing social and environmental justice by bringing attention to health equity issues associated with project and urban plans. As a stakeholder process, this occurs in theory by expanding the information base upon which public decisions are made. The extent to which this expanded information base represents public health professional and/or community health interests r... Read More

Measuring the Impacts of Social Media on Advancing Public Transit

Jenny Liu
(Jeff) Xuegang Ban
This project is a collaboration between Portland State University (PSU) and the Center for Infrastructure Transportation & Environment (CITE) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute seeking to develop performance measures for assessing the impacts of social media on promoting public transit. Revolutionary changes have occurred in the communication landscape, and there has been a rapid diffusion of social media use as a means of communicating transit information to the public. Significant resource... Read More