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Research Highlights

Evaluation of Safe Routes to School Programs: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Parental Decision-Making

Lynn Weigand
Noreen McDonald
In the United States, walking to school declined from 42% of 5-18 year olds in 1969 to 16% in 20011 . The US Department of Transportation has responded to this dramatic decrease by funding the Safe Routes to School program for $612 million in SAFETEA-LU. The program’s funding emphasize infrastructure improvements such as completing sidewalks and adding crosswalks by requiring between 70% and 90% of funding be allocated toward infrastructure. However, recent research shows that 2 of 3 children... Read More

Application of Smart Phone Truck Data for Freight Performance Measures and Transportation Planning

Miguel Figliozzi
Oregon is one of the few states that currently charge a commercial truck weight-mile tax (WMT). The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has developed a data-collection system – Truck Road Use Electronics (TRUE) – to simplify WMT collection. The TRUE system includes a smart phone application that collects and records Global Positioning System (GPS) data. The TRUE data has enormous advantages over GPS data used in previous research due to its level of geographic detail and the potential ... Read More