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Research Highlights

Lessons from the Green Lanes: Evaluating Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S.

Christopher Monsere
Jennifer Dill , Kelly Clifton , Nathan McNeil
As cities move to increase levels of bicycling for transportation, many practitioners and advocates have promoted the use of protected bike lanes (also known as “cycle tracks” or “protected bikeways”) as an important component in providing high-quality urban infrastructure for cyclists. These on-street lanes provide more space and physical separation between the bike lane and motor vehicle lane compared with traditional striped bike lanes. However, few U.S. cities have direct experiences wit... Read More

Food Delivery Footprint: Addressing Transportation, Packaging, and Waste in the Food Supply Chain

Madeleine Pullman
Darrell Brown , Scott Marshall
Bringing food products to the majority of U. S. consumers generally involves frequent and lengthy trips from the food growers and producers through a distribution network to the institutional, grocery, and restaurant businesses. Increasingly, businesses are assessing the impact of their purchasing decisions on their carbon footprints. These decisions have complex implications for the environment based on the mode of transportation employed, the corresponding packaging used to transport the g... Read More