TREC’s broad research program addresses complex transportation problems by drawing on multiple disciplines, including engineering, planning, economics and design, from across the Portland State University campus. Browse the featured projects below or use the search box at right to search for a specific project. NOTE: If you're looking for projects from our partner campuses, use the NITC research search.

Research Highlights

Fusion and Integration of Arterial Performance Data

Kristin Tufte
Real-time knowledge of system performance enables transportation agencies to manage traffic conditions and keep the public informed of periods of congestion. The ability to accurately measure arterial performance has been limited primarily by the availability of appropriate and reliable data. Unlike freeway networks where speed, flow, and occupancy measures are generally sufficient to quantify the performance of the link, the link-node combination of interrupted-flow arterial facilities requi... Read More

Estimating the Impacts of TODs on Travel and Transit Use

Jennifer Dill
In recent years there has been a growing interest in using land use planning to reduce reliance on the automobile long-term, through ideas such as smart growth, New Urbanism, pedestrian pockets, and transit-oriented development (TODs). Many growing regions throughout the United States, are turning to these concepts to address problems of traffic congestion and suburban sprawl. However, the effectiveness of such policies in reducing automobile travel and improving livability is largely unknown... Read More