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Research Highlights

Climate Change Impact Assessment for Surface Transportation in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska

John MacArthur
Miguel Figliozzi , Jason Ideker , Phillip Mote , Ming Lee
The states in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska (the region) share interconnected travel networks for people, goods, and services that support the regional economy, mobility, and human safety. Regional climate change has and will continue to affect the physical condition and serviceability of these networks, yet the nature of the changes and their potential impacts on the regional transportation system and its use are very poorly understood. The widely diverse topography, climate regimes, an... Read More

Identifying and Quantifying Rates of State Motor Fuel Tax Evasion

Anthony Rufolo
Revenues from motor fuel are used primarily to support the states' transportation systems. In this time of large state budgetary deficits, it is particularly important that all motor fuel tax funds are collected, remitted, and credited to the respective state highway accounts. However, allegations of significant evasion of these taxes persist. The extent and causes for this loss of revenue from fuel tax evasion are not fully understood. For states to maximize receipt of their motor fuel taxes... Read More