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Research Highlights

Exploratory Methods for Truck Re-identification in a Statewide Network Based on Axle Weight and Axle Spacing Data to Enhance Freight Metrics: Phase 2

Christopher Monsere
Mecit Cetin , Andrew Nichols
Vehicle re-identification methods can be used to anonymously match vehicles crossing two different locations based on vehicle attribute data. This research builds upon a previous study and investigates different methods for solving the re-identification problem and explores some of the factors that impact the accuracy of the results. To support this work, archived data from weigh-in-motion (WIM) stations in Oregon are used for developing, calibrating, and testing vehicle re-identification alg... Read More

National Electric Bike Owner Survey

John MacArthur
Christopher Cherry
Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are a growing class of bicycles in North America but there has been little research on e-bikes in the United States, especially on the people that have purchased e-bikes. Portland State University (PSU) conducted the first known survey of e-bike owners in North America in 2013. The research aimed in part to understand if e-bikes can reduce barriers to bicycling, including trip distance, topography, time, and rider effort. By reducing these barriers, we could realiz... Read More