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Research Highlights

Needs, Costs, and Funding Alternatives for Transportation Services for Older Adults and People with Disabilities in Oregon

Jennifer Dill
Margaret Neal
Portland State University’s Institute on Aging and Center for Transportation Studies, along with the Population Research Center, were contracted by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), via the Association of Counties, to project the transportation needs and associated costs for elders and people with disabilities from now to 2030. The study also identified and assessed the feasibility of funding alternatives to address the needs identified. Conducted by a multidisciplinary team of ... Read More

Bicyclists’ Uptake of Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Effects of the Urban Transportation System

Alex Bigazzi
Urban bicyclists’ intake and uptake of traffic-related air pollution are not well quantified due to a lack of on-road measurements. This uncertainty impedes health-conscious transportation planning, and no quantitative guidance is available on bicycle transportation system management to mitigate uptake. The objective of this research is to provide tools for bicycle transportation planners and managers to explicitly consider air pollution risks in decision-making, and to allow more informed ch... Read More