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Research Highlights

Improving Regional Travel Demand Models for Bicycling

John Gliebe
Jennifer Dill
With growing concerns over the lack of physical activity, increase in greenhouse gases, and other threats to sustainability, planners, engineers, and policy makers are looking for ways to increase the use of alternative modes of travel. Bicycling is one such option. According to the 2001 Nationwide Household Travel Survey (NHTS), over 60% of all personal trips are five miles or less in length – a reasonable distance to ride a bike – and nearly 40% are two miles or less. Despite... Read More

Wider Dissemination of Household Travel Survey Data Using Geographical Perturbation Methods

Kelly Clifton
Public agencies spend vast amounts of money collecting information about passenger travel in household travel surveys. These data are valuable for the rich and detailed information they provide, which contribute to regional and statewide travel demand models. These data have utility beyond travel demand modeling in their application to transportation policy and travel behavior research. As the demand on these data increase, so have the quantity of information collected. Detailed geospatial re... Read More