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Research Highlights

Better Representation of the Pedestrian Environment in Travel Demand Models

Kelly Clifton
Robert Schneider , Jennifer Toole
The tools available to transportation planners to forecast non-motorized travel behavior are woefully inadequate for that purpose. Despite recent attention paid to the importance of physical activity for health purposes and transportation policy initiatives that seek to reduce auto use and encourage walking, cycling and transit, extant modeling tools suffer from a lack of spatial acuity and behavioral sensitivity to the preferences of non-motorized travelers. Accurate prediction of the likel... Read More

Evaluation of an Eco-Driving Program: Changing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior

Donald Truxillo
The Oregon Department of Transportation is working with PacWest to provide marketing and training regarding eco-driving to fleets of light-duty vehicles. The proposed project will evaluate the effectiveness of these materials. The program's effectiveness will be examined in fleets of light-duty work vehicles to see if the program affects individual driver (employee) knowledge of eco-driving; attitudes about eco-driving; and self-reported driving behaviors. Fuel use will be examined at the or... Read More