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Research Highlights

Evaluation of Safe Routes to School Programs: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Parental Decision-Making

Lynn Weigand
Noreen McDonald
In the United States, walking and biking to school has declined as more parents choose to drive their kids to and from school (McDonald, 2007a). This shift from walking to driving has deprived many children of an opportunity for daily physical exercise, increased traffic congestion and decreased air quality near schools. Recent research shows that one in two children are currently driven to school even if they live within a mile of the school and that major factors influencing this preferenc... Read More

Encouraging Low-Income Households to Make Location-Efficient Housing Choices

Andree Tremoulet
When choosing a new home, location efficiency (e.g. minimizing commute time and living within easy access of day-to-day goods and services) is often secondary to housing unit characteristics and cost. While this is true for households of all income levels, the burden of these tradeoffs is particularly high for low-income households because transportation costs make up a larger share of their monthly expenditures. Low-income families also face significantly higher barriers to efficient housing... Read More