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Research Highlights

Relocation of Homeless People from ODOT Rights-of-Way

Ellen Bassett
Andree Tremoulet
In 2010, the Baldock Restoration Group relocated 37 homeless households from the Baldock Rest Area near Wilsonville. Relocated residents included both situationally homeless households (e.g., someone who had lost his job in the recent recession) as well as the chronically homeless (e.g., someone who had lived there eighteen years). The Baldock Restoration Group core membership included Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Oregon State Police, Oregon Travel Information Council (OTIC), C... Read More

The Effectiveness of Vertebrate Passage and Prevention Structures: a Study of Boeckman Road in Wilsonville

Catherine Rivera
One of the most obvious impacts roads have on the natural world is direct mortality to individual animals that attempt to cross roads. A less obvious but likely more important impact of roads on many species is habitat fragmentation. The ability for individuals to travel between subpopulations is the key to genetic diversity as well as ultimately the survival of the species. Considering these impacts and management goals to increase habitat connectivity, increased attention has been given to ... Read More