TREC research addresses complex transportation problems by drawing on multiple disciplines, including engineering, planning, economics and design, from across the Portland State University campus. Use the search box at right to search for a specific project.

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Research Highlights

Developing a Coordinated Professional Development Program for OTREC

Christopher Monsere
As OTREC consortium members prepare to enhance transportation-related professional development programs, both through new course offering sand enhancing existing courses, there is a clear need to develop a basic understanding of the needs of the professionals' community and types of courses that should be offered in Oregon. This proposed technology transfer activity will develop an online survey to ascertain professionals multidisciplinary needs and training desires. In addition to surveying ... Read More

Road Ecology Course and Seminar Series

Mark Sytsma
The American road network is a major economic investment that is a major organizing force for human activity. The road system has profoundly altered ecological processes and, as a result, it is also an important organizing force for ecosystems. Understanding the ecological consequences of road system design and use is critical to effective engineering and management of road systems to minimize impacts. I propose a new course within Environmental Science and Resources at PSU that will expose u... Read More