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Research Highlights

Evaluation of an Eco-driving Intervention: Changing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior by Means of Supervisor Support

Donald Truxillo
John MacArthur , Leslie Hammer , Talya N. Bauer
Past eco-driving research has looked at the effectiveness of various eco-driving programs, but the role supervisor and organizational support have remained unexamined. This is unfortunate, as support from the supervisor and the organization have consistently been shown to determine whether or not employee interventions (e.g., training, safety) are effective (e.g., Christian et al. 2009; Salas et al., 2012). In other words, supervisor and organizational support are important for translating em... Read More

Characteristics of Transitions in Freeway Traffic

Robert Bertini
Soyoung Ahn
This proposed work seeks to understand the characteristics of transitions as freeway traffic changes from one state to another. Transitions occur gradually over time and space, and their temporal and spatial features are relatively unknown. The work will address the features of three different types of transitions which occur near 1) the tail of a queue 2) the head of a queue (i.e. an active bottleneck) and 3) inhomogeneous points on freeway (e.g. merges and diverges). The transition zone ... Read More