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Research Highlights

Operational Guidance for Bicycle-Specific Traffic Signals

Christopher Monsere
Miguel Figliozzi
As a policy objective, increasing bicycling as a transportation mode has a number of desirable outcomes ranging from reduced greenhouse gases to improved public health. Recent estimates from the 2005-2009 American Community Survey indicate that of the 1.7 million workers in Oregon, 2% commute by bicycle to work, though the rates are much higher in specific cities (Corvallis - 9%, Eugene - 8.2%, Portland - 5.0%, Ashland - 4.6%, Baker City - 4.6%). The literature suggests that infrastructure ... Read More

The Effectiveness of Vertebrate Passage and Prevention Structures: a Study of Boeckman Road in Wilsonville

Catherine Rivera
Wildlife collisions on roads are a serious issue resulting in property damage costs, injury to and possible death of the driver and passenger, and typically fatal results for the wildlife. Given the impacts to both drivers and wildlife, which may include at-risk or endangered animals, more recent attention has been given to modifying or retrofitting roads to facilitate wildlife passage. There has not been sufficient research done to determine the actual utilization of various wildlife passage... Read More