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Research Highlights

Contextual Influences on Trip Generation

Kelly Clifton
There is national interest in building data that expands upon the existing Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) trip generation rates to include sites located in a multi-modal context. Current ITE rates represent travel behavior for development in single lots and uses, primarily measured in low-density suburban areas. Despite evidence that a more compact urban form, access to transit and a greater mix of uses generates fewer and shorter vehicle trips, local governments are often compel... Read More

Integrated Multimodal Transportation, Air Quality, and Livability Corridor Study Phase II

Miguel Figliozzi
Christopher Monsere , Linda George
The interactions between traffic, transit, pedestrians, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, fuel consumption, and unhealthy emissions exposure are currently under study in a section of Powell Boulevard (PB). This Boulevard is a multimodal urban corridor connecting highway US-26 to and through Portland, Oregon. The corridor is highly congested during morning and evening peak traffic hours. Traffic performance and associated vehicular emissions can be significantly improved using advanced traffic c... Read More