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Research Highlights

Practical Approximations to Quantify the Impact of Time Windows and Delivery Sizes on Freight VMT in Urban Areas

Miguel Figliozzi
Supply chains and urban areas cannot thrive without the efficient movement of goods and accessibility to services. Commercial vehicle flows and VMT are the ultimate materialization of supply chain activities in the public road network (Figliozzi, 2006). From a freight planning perspective, it is crucial to understand and quantify how routes and distribution decisions translate into commercial VMT. A recent study indicates that commercial vehicles carrying goods or providing services acco... Read More

Future Flooding Impacts on Transportation Infrastructure and Traffic Patterns Resulting from Climate Change

Heejun Chang
Martin Lafrenz , Miguel Figliozzi
Climate change in the Pacific Northwest of America is likely to bring more frequent, heavier winter precipitation as temperature rises. These changes in precipitation patterns have significant implications in hydrology and socioeconomic sectors that could be affected by changes in hydrology. Transportation infrastructure and travel patterns are also vulnerable to potential changes in runoff regimes and stream geomorphology. The 2006 and 2007 winter storms resulted in massive flooding, caus... Read More