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Research Highlights

Freight Performance Measures: Approach Analysis

B. Starr McMullen
Christopher Monsere
Significant efforts have been made in recent years to improve the collection and analysis of freight data and to better understand and respond to the needs of the freight community. Despite these efforts there exists relatively little research on approaches to examining the performance of the transportation system relative to freight and to assessing the effectiveness of infrastructure investments on freight performance. Traditional highway performance measures have limited applications to fr... Read More

Using Archived ITS Data to Measure the Operational Benefits of a System-wide Adaptive Ramp Metering System

Robert Bertini
Christopher Monsere
The current ramp metering strategy in Portland employs a pre-timed algorithm that determines the times that the meters are active as well as each ramp’s metering rate. As part of the original ramp metering deployment, a surveillance system, including inductive loop detectors and closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, is in place. Starting in May 2005 a system-wide adaptive ramp metering (SWARM) system is being implemented in the Portland metropolitan area and should be operational on all ... Read More