Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
Alex Bigazzi Bicyclists’ Uptake of Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Effects of the Urban Transportation System 2014-12-31
Miguel Figliozzi Modeling and Analyzing the Impact of Advanced Technologies on Livability and Multimodal Transportation Performance Measures in Arterial Corridors 2014-06-30
Sirisha Kothuri Incorporating Pedestrian Considerations into Signal Timing 2014-06-30
Christopher Monsere Lessons from the Green Lanes: Evaluating Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S. 2014-06-30
James Pankow Evaluation of Bicyclists Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution along Distinct Facility Types 2014-06-30
Liming Wang Continuous Data Integration for Land Use and Transportation Planning and Modeling 2014-06-30
Kimberly Barsamian Kahn Exploring Racial Bias in Drivers' Behavior at Pedestrian Crossings 2014-03-31
Jenny Liu Inclusive planning to evaluate improved non-emergency medical transportation services for patients with End Stage Renal Disease 2014-03-31
Oliver Smith Peak of the Day or the Daily Slog: Commuting and Subjective Well-Being 2013-10-30
Robert Bass Impacts of Electric Vehicle Charging on Electric Power Distribution Systems 2013-09-30
Maura Kelly Evaluation of the Effect of Supportive Services on the Success of Apprentices in a Highway Trade 2013-09-30
Andree Tremoulet Addressing Homeless Encampments on Public Right-of-Way: A Knowledge Transfer Project 2013-09-30
Donald Truxillo Evaluation of an Eco-Driving Program: Changing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior 2013-09-30
Christopher Monsere Operational Guidance for Bicycle-Specific Traffic Signals 2013-09-15
Kelly Clifton Wider Dissemination of Household Travel Survey Data Using Geographical Perturbation Methods 2013-08-31
Kelly Clifton Better Representation of the Pedestrian Environment in Travel Demand Models 2013-08-31
Miguel Figliozzi Application of Smart Phone Truck Data for Freight Performance Measures and Transportation Planning 2013-06-30
Nicole Iroz-Elardo Participation, Information, and Community Interests within Health Impact Assessments (HIA) 2013-06-30
Miguel Figliozzi Integrated Multimodal Transportation, Air Quality, and Livability Corridor Study Phase II 2013-03-31
James Strathman Bus Safety Performance Monitoring and Analysis 2013-03-31
Kelly Clifton Examining Consumer Behavior and Travel Choices 2012-09-30
Miguel Figliozzi Transit Bus Fleet Management and Optimization Models Addressing New Engine Technologies and Emissions Constraints 2012-09-30
Christopher Monsere Multimodal Data at Signalized Intersections: Strategies for Archiving Existing and New Data Streams to Support Operations and Planning 2012-09-30
Lynn Weigand Enhancing Bicycle and Pedestrian Education through Curriculum and Faculty Development 2012-06-30
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