Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
Donald Truxillo Evaluation of an Eco-driving Intervention: Changing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior by Means of Supervisor Support 2016-12-31
Miguel Figliozzi Modeling and Analyzing the Impact of Advanced Technologies on Livability and Multimodal Transportation Performance Measures in Arterial Corridors 2016-09-30
Sirisha Kothuri Improving Walkability Through Control Strategies at Signalized Intersections 2016-07-31
Carol BiskupicKnight Investigations in Transportation 2016-06-30
Kelly Clifton Improving Trip Generation Methods for Livable Communities 2016-06-30
Miguel Figliozzi Exploiting New Data Sources to Quantify Arterial Congestion and Performance Measures at a Regional Scale 2016-06-30
Feng Liu Utilizing Ego-centric Video to Conduct Naturalistic Bicycling Studies 2016-06-30
John MacArthur Evaluation of Electric Bike Use at Three Kaiser Permanente NW Employment Centers in Portland Metro Region 2016-06-30
Andree Tremoulet Tech Transfer: Tools for Assisting Low Income Households With Finding Location-Efficient Housing 2016-06-30
Kelly Clifton Development of a Pedestrian Demand Estimation Tool 2016-03-31
Peter Dusicka Impact of Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake on the Seismic Evaluation Criteria of Bridges 2016-03-31
Nathan McNeil Transportation Leadership Education 2015-12-31
Andree Tremoulet Encouraging Low-Income Households to Make Location-Efficient Housing Choices 2015-12-31
Krista Nordback Washington State Pedestrian and Bicycle Miles Traveled Project 2015-06-30
Allison Duncan Shared Space and Bicyclists 2015-05-31
Christopher Monsere Evaluation of Speed Activated Displays on Curves 2015-01-01
Alex Bigazzi Bicyclists’ Uptake of Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Effects of the Urban Transportation System 2014-12-31
Roger Chen Vehicle acquisition and disposal/ Multi-modal Household Vehicle Fleets and Residential Location Choices 2014-12-31
Jennifer Dill Multiday GPS Travel Behavior Data for Travel Analysis: The Effect of Day-to-Day Travel Time Variability on Auto Travel Choices 2014-12-31
Peter Dusicka Bridge Seismic Retrofit Measures Considering Subduction Zone Earthquakes 2014-12-31
Miguel Figliozzi Evaluating the Use of Crowdsourcing as a Data Collection Method for Bicycle Performance Measures and Identification of Facility Improvement Needs 2014-12-31
Jennifer Dill 2014 Transit Oriented Developments Survey 2014-10-31
Kelly Clifton Understanding Market Segments for Current and Future Residential Location and Travel Choices 2014-08-31
Christopher Monsere Safety Effectiveness of Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements 2014-07-01
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