Data and Methodological Issues in Assessing Multimodal Transportation Impacts for Urban Development

Kristina Currans, Portland State University


As cities aim promote sustainable, multimodal growth, existing methods used in development review processes to assess transportation impacts of new development create barriers to achieving the planned results. The reliance upon the existing, predominant methods of transportation impacts estimation has implications for many different aspects of development, including: site design, traffic and parking mitigations, project scale and scope, system development charges, impact fees, and emissions estimates. This dissertation focuses on two separate issues in transportation and land development often ignored in the practice of evaluating transportation impacts using multivariate analyses. First, the urban economics bid-rent theory is used to test the hypothesis that trip rates vary across regional accessibility. Second, the existing land use taxonomy are evaluated based upon theories of derived demand. The first objective is to link practice with theory, bridging the gap between traditional estimation and travel behavior research. Second, the outcomes derived from this research will provide a foundation for developing more robust methods for practice. Third, the results will influence the types of information collected from future studies. By focusing on connecting practice with theory, I provide practitioners with tools that achieve greater sensitivity toward planning goals and outcomes.

Project Details

Project Type:
Project Status:
In Progress
End Date:
June 30,2017
UTC Grant Cycle:
Natl Dissertation Fellowships Spr. '16
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