Webinar: State-wide Pedestrian and Bicycle Miles Traveled: Can we estimate it?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 10:00am to 11:00am PST

Heard of Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)? Wouldn’t it be great to know the corresponding value for walking and cycling?

This webinar discusses options for estimating the miles people walk and bicycle on the state-wide level, by investigating the practical considerations of trying to compute these values for one study state.

What strategies can be used, and what data sources do these require?

How do these strategies compare?

How do PMT/BMT estimates vary based on data?

Find out what researchers found and what obstacles they encountered when they tried to estimate bicycle and pedestrian miles traveled in the State of Washington.

Krista Nordback, Ph.D., P.E. is a senior research associate at University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, with eight years of experience focusing on bicycle and pedestrian traffic and safety. She earned her doctorate in civil...

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