Transportation & Communities Summit

10th Annual Transportation & Communities Summit in 2018

This event draws a wide variety of attendees, including planners, elected and appointed officials, transportation engineers, architects and urban design experts, community leaders and activists, and researchers. The summit will offer data and processes that can help you in your day to day work, either by lending support to your arguments or by streamlining the steps you need to take. Supporting equity-based planning underlies much of the research that we do, in both sessions and workshops we'll focus on providing access to underserved communities. Additionally, we'll be discussing sustainability strategies to lessen dependence on auto-use and create healthier communities.

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Past Summits + Resources (2009 - 2017)

The 9th annual Transportation and Communities Summit took place September 11–12, 2017 at Portland State University, and was the biggest TCS we've ever held - with more than 400 attendees over the two days. For every Summit we recap all the resources (presentation recordings, slide PDFs, photos, etc.) so you can find what you need.