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Phone: 503-725-2896

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Visit Us at Portland State University (PSU)

Our Office: Fourth Avenue Building at PSU 1900 SW Fourth Ave., Suite 175 

Detailed directions to the TREC Office for BVI visitors:


Friday Transportation Seminar: Karl Miller Center at PSU, 615 SW Harrison St., Room 465

Detailed directions to the Friday Transportation Seminar for blind or visually impaired visitors:

The Harrison Street entrance to the Karl Miller Center is between 6th and Broadway on the north side of Harrison. Walking west from 6th Avenue, the entrance to the building will be on your right, about ten paces from the edge of the building or about 16 steps from the textured curb cut on the street corner. There are two shallow steps to your right, leading down to the glass double doors. Once you're inside, you'll be facing a big open lobby area. The floor slopes down slightly, and there's a hand rail on the wall to your right. When you get to the end of the hand rail, keep walking in the same direction it was leading as if it continued in a perfectly straight line, and you should arrive at the opposite wall where there's another hand rail. (The room has two tables and two support columns to navigate around). Once you get to the other side of the lobby, if you come to a set of glass doors instead of a plain wall, then you're too far to the right. You need to follow the wall to your left until you reach the next hand rail. This rail will lead you to the elevators, which are on the same side of the wall as the hand rail. Since you're on the ground floor there's only one button. On the 4th floor, you'll step out of the elevator and turn right. The room you're facing now is room 470; it's about 12-15 steps directly in front of you. There's usually a round table and chairs sitting by the wall in the hallway on the left side of room 470. Room 465 (where the seminar takes place) is the next room to the left, just past this table and chairs.