Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Transportation Data Education: SQL Workshop 06/17/2024
Webinar: Building Capacity in Gateway Communities through the GNAR Academy 06/12/2024 Jordan Katcher and Elizabeth Sodja, GNAR Initiative
PSU Transportation Seminar: Streets are for People! Livable Streets 2.0 and Five Decades of the Conflict, Power and Promise of our Streets 05/31/2024 Bruce Appleyard, San Diego State University
PSU Transportation Seminar: Oregon in Motion: Shaping Communities Through State Transportation Legislation 05/23/2024 Cassie Wilson, 1000 Friends of Oregon
PSU Transportation Seminar: Forest Service Engineering, Lessons and Opportunities 05/17/2024 Joe Totten, USDA Forest Service
Visiting Scholar Presentation: Discourse and Sustainable Urban Mobility 05/02/2024 Robin Hickman, University College London
PSU Transportation Seminar: Shifting Gears: Toward a New Way of Thinking About Transportation 04/26/2024 Susan Handy, UC Davis
Webinar: Marginalized Populations’ Access to Transit 04/17/2024 Marisa Zapata, Portland State University
Webinar: Assessing Cool Corridor Heat Resilience Strategies for Human-Scale Transportation 03/14/2024 Ladd Keith and Kristina Currans, University of Arizona
PSU Transportation Seminar: Driving the Future: Intersection of Emerging Transportation Technologies and Energy Consumption 12/01/2023 Tanmoy Bhowmik, Portland State University
Webinar: Developing a New Accessibility Measure to Support Older Adults in a Post-Pandemic World 11/29/2023 Andy Hong and Zihao Wen, University of Utah
PSU Transportation Seminar: Oregon Transportation Plan: Innovations in the Exploratory Scenario Planning Approach 11/17/2023 Adam Argo, ODOT; Jonathan Slason, RSG Inc
PSU Transportation Seminar: Active Transportation Counts From Existing On-Street Signal And Detection Infrastructure 11/03/2023 Sirisha Kothuri, Portland State University
Webinar: Understanding Connections Between Mobility, Transportation, And Quality Of Life In Refugee Communities In Tucson, Arizona 10/30/2023 Orhon Myadar, University of Arizona
PSU Transportation Seminar: Incorporating Equity into Planning for Operations and Transportation System Management 10/27/2023 Caleb Winter, Metro; Pamela Vasudeva, WSDOT
PSU Transportation Seminar: TriMet & TOD – Opportunities for Growth 10/20/2023 Fiona Lyon and Miles Anderson, Trimet
PSU Transportation Seminar: Transportation Planning in an Aging Society 10/13/2023 Shengxiao (Alex) Li, University of Oregon
PSU Transportation Seminar: The Green New Deal and Transit Investment 10/06/2023 Eric Bruun, Author of "Sustainable Infrastructure Investment"
PSU Transportation Seminar: Geotechnical Reconnaissance Following the 2023 Türkiye/Syria Earthquake 09/29/2023 Diane Moug, Portland State University
Webinar: COVID-19's Impact on Travel: Shifting Multimodal Behaviors 07/25/2023 Yizhao Yang and Rebecca Lewis, University of Oregon
Webinar: Transportation Resources And Behaviors Among Older Immigrants And Migrants 06/08/2023 Rebecca Mauldin, Stephen Mattingly and Rupal Parekh, University of Texas at Arlington
PSU Transportation Seminar: Confessions of a Traffic Engineer: How the MUTCD Impacts Everything 05/25/2023 Peter Koonce, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Webinar: Collecting and Analyzing Pedestrian Behaviors at Intersections Using LiDAR Tracking Technologies 05/18/2023 Taylor Li, University of Texas at Arlington; Sirisha Kothuri, Portland State University
PSU Transportation Seminar: Celebrating 20 years of PORTAL 05/11/2023 Basem Elazzabi and Tammy Lee, Portland State University
PSU Transportation Seminar: Explore Regional Variation in the Effects of Built Environment on Driving with High Resolution U.S. Nationwide Data 05/04/2023 Liming Wang, Portland State University