STEP: Students in Transportation Engineering and Planning

Studying transportation, or even just curious about it as a career? We encourage currently enrolled PSU students to join the on-campus Students in Transportation Engineering & Planning (ITE-STEP) group!

STEP engages PSU students in transportation issues through field trips, speakers, projects, and social events. The group works to build relationships and a shared understanding between transportation students from different disciplines, both within PSU and with other universities. Within STEP, students can also take on leadership roles in cultivating community and education around the transportation issues important to them. 

STEP is also home to PSU’s ITE student chapter, to help students stay connected to the local professional organization Oregon ITE (Institute of Engineers). Notably, this includes competing in the annual jeopardy-style Traffic Bowl with other Oregon students!

Join the STEP mailing list through which STEP leadership and transportation faculty send out announcements on transportation scholarships, jobs, internships, and events.

2024 - 2025 STEP Leadership Board

President | Chris Corral
VP of Events & Finances | Sophia Semensky
VP of Communications | Elias Peters 
Competitions/Projects/Funding Chair | Isa Swain
Community Service Chair  | Jasmine Rosado