Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
John MacArthur How Can E-bike Purchase Incentives Grow the E-bike Market? 2022-09-30
Avinash Unnikrishnan Real-Time Stochastic Matching Models for Freight Electronic Marketplace 2022-08-03
Nathan McNeil Launching the Wasatch Transportation Academy 2022-05-15
Nathan McNeil New Mobility For All: Can Targeted Information And Incentives Help Underserved Communities Realize The Potential Of Emerging Mobility Options? 2022-03-31
Christopher Monsere Updating ODOT Safety Investigation Manual 2022-01-01
Sirisha Kothuri Exploring Data Fusion Techniques to Estimate Network-Wide Bicycle Volumes 2021-09-30
Peter Dusicka Resilient and Rapid Repair Measures for Seismically Vulnerable Bridges Following Major Earthquakes 2021-09-01
Nathan McNeil Subcontract: ODOT Understanding Pedestrian Injuries and Social Equity 2021-08-31
Aaron Golub Applying an Equity Lens to Automated Payment Solutions for Public Transportation 2021-05-31
Jennifer Dill Research Roadmap for the AASHTO Council on Active Transportation (NCHRP 20-123(02)) 2021-05-03
Jennifer Dill Active Transportation Return on Investment Study 2021-02-28
John MacArthur National Scan of Bike Share Equity Programs 2020-12-31
Christopher Monsere Effect of Residential Street Speed Limit Reduction from 25 to 20 mi/hr on Driving Speeds in Portland, Oregon 2020-10-31
Steven Howland Suburban Black Poverty in East Portland: The Role of Transportation in Making Ends Meet 2020-08-20
Christopher Monsere Bicycle Detection and Feedback Assessment 2020-06-30
Christopher Monsere Addressing Oregon’s Rise in Deaths and Serious Injuries for Senior Drivers and Pedestrians 2020-06-01
Hau Hagedorn Policy Implications of ORS 366.514 -- The Oregon Bike Bill 2020-05-21
Christopher Monsere Road User Understanding of Bicycle Signal Faces on Traffic Signals 2019-12-31
Randy Morris S.T.E.A.M. TRAINing: Engaging High School Girls in Transportation and Equity Issues through GIS 2019-12-31
Miguel Andres Figliozzi Modeling the Sustainability of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Technologies 2019-12-01
Nathan McNeil Revisiting TODs: How Subsequent Development Affects the Travel Behavior of Residents in Existing Transit-Oriented Developments 2019-11-29
Amy Lubitow Developing Data, Models, and Tools to Enhance Transportation Equity 2019-09-30
Miguel Andres Figliozzi Evaluation of Bus-Bicycle and Bus/Right-Turn Traffic Delays and Conflicts 2019-09-14
Martin Swobodzinski A Comprehensive Examination of Electronic Wayfinding Technology for Visually Impaired Travelers in an Urban Environment 2019-07-15
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