Principal Investigator Project Title
End Date
John MacArthur Taxing Shared Micromobility: Assessing The Global Landscape Of Fees And Taxes And Their Implications For Cities, Riders, And Operators 2024-06-30
Tanmoy Bhowmik The Effect of Vehicle Mix on Crash Frequency and Crash Severity (NCHRP 22-49) 2024-01-01
Joe Broach Incorporating Bicycle Activity and Vehicle Travel Reduction from Bicycle Infrastructure into Strategic Planning Tools 2022-12-31
Maura Kelly 2022 Evaluation of the Highway Construction Workforce Development Program 2022-12-31
Nathan McNeil Launching the Wasatch Transportation Academy 2022-12-31
Liu-Qin Yang Do Travel Costs Matter For Persons With Lower Incomes? Using Psychological and Social Equity Perspectives to Evaluate the Effects of a Low-Income Transit Fare Program on Low-Income Riders 2022-12-31
Kelly Clifton Communicating Research through Comics: Transportation and Land Development 2022-12-15
Kelly Rodgers The use and influence of health indicators in transportation decision-making 2022-11-30
John MacArthur How Can E-bike Purchase Incentives Grow the E-bike Market? 2022-09-30
Avinash Unnikrishnan Real-Time Stochastic Matching Models for Freight Electronic Marketplace 2022-08-03
Kelly Clifton Accessing Opportunities for Household Provisioning Post-COVID-19 2022-06-30
Martin Swobodzinski Pedestrian Wayfinding Under Consideration of Visual Impairment, Blindness, and Deafblindness: A Mixed-Method Investigation Into Individual Experiences and Supporting Elements 2022-06-30
Marisa Zapata Marginalized Populations’ Access to Transit: Journeys from Home and Work to Transit 2022-06-30
Avinash Unnikrishnan Statistical Inference for Multimodal Travel Time Reliability 2022-04-30
Nathan McNeil New Mobility For All: Can Targeted Information And Incentives Help Underserved Communities Realize The Potential Of Emerging Mobility Options? 2022-03-31
Christopher Monsere Updating ODOT Safety Investigation Manual 2022-01-01
Sirisha Kothuri Exploring Data Fusion Techniques to Estimate Network-Wide Bicycle Volumes 2021-09-30
Peter Dusicka Resilient and Rapid Repair Measures for Seismically Vulnerable Bridges Following Major Earthquakes 2021-09-01
John MacArthur Evaluation of Portland Shared E-Scooter Pilot Program Goals and Outcomes 2021-08-31
Nathan McNeil Subcontract: ODOT Understanding Pedestrian Injuries and Social Equity 2021-08-31
Christopher Monsere Evaluation of Road User Comprehension and Compliance with Red Colored Transit Priority Lanes 2021-07-31
John MacArthur Strategies to Address Homelessness at Airports (ACRP 03-59) 2021-07-01
Kelly Clifton NSF SCC RAPID: Consumer Responses to Household Provisioning During COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery 2021-05-31
Aaron Golub Applying an Equity Lens to Automated Payment Solutions for Public Transportation 2021-05-31
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