TREC research addresses complex transportation problems by drawing on multiple disciplines, including engineering, planning, economics and design, from across the Portland State University campus. Use the search box at right to search for a specific project.

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Research Highlights

Introduction to Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists

Liming Wang
Building on the successful scientific computing training program offered by the Software Carpentry (, the proposed course exposes students in science, engineering, and planning to the best practices in scientific computing through hands-on lab sessions and aims to help students tackle the challenge of "drinking from a hose" when dealing with overwhelming amount of data that is increasingly common in these disciplines. Although computing is now an integral pa... Read More

Developing Data, Models, and Tools to Enhance Transportation Equity

Amy Lubitow
Julius McGee , Raoul Liévanos
Data from travel surveys are used to forecast demand, inform transportation investments, and craft urban policies. Because these data are so essential to shaping our transportation system, it is critical that hard-to-reach populations—such as low-income, minority, and transit-dependent people—have their travel behavior accurately reflected. The limited survey coverage may lead to inaccurate estimation of their transportation access and behavior, impede policy changes related to transportation... Read More