Evaluation of Bus-Bicycle and Bus/Right-Turn Traffic Delays and Conflicts

Miguel Andres Figliozzi, Portland State University


The interaction between transit vehicles and bicycles can create conflict when both share the same space. In particular, the location of transit stops poses specific challenges along bicycle facilities. Little research exists to offer insight on how the placement of transit stops affect bicycle safety and comfort levels or how bicycle flow affects transit operations (stop dwell times, delays, etc.). This project builds on existing UTC-funded work using high-resolution bus GPS data to analyze bus behavior and movement, analysis of transit signal priority, and the design and analysis of innovative bicycle infrastructure. In particular, the research focuses on the impact of bus stop location and bicycle facility on the type and frequency of bicycle-bus conflicts and bus delay. 

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September 14,2019
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NITC 16 Initial Projects
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Other Products

  • Keeling, K.L., Glick, T.B., Crumley, M. and Figliozzi, M.A., 2019. Evaluation of Bus-Bicycle and Bus/Right-Turn Traffic Delays and Conflicts. Transportation Research Record, Vol. 2673(7) 443–453 (PUBLICATION)
  • Bus Transit Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems (PRESENTATION)