Novel Approaches to Model Travel Behavior and Sustainability Impacts of E-Bike Use

John MacArthur, Portland State University


  • Christopher Cherry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Electric bikes (e-bikes) are a new mode of transportation that could substantially improve efficiency in the transportation system if adopted as substitutes for cars.  Researchers at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Portland State University, and Bosch E-Bike Systems have received funding from the National Science Foundation to measure real-world travel behavior and assess the sustainability impacts of those choices. We are developing a platform that is easily deployable, non-invasive, and leverages computing resources enabled by e-bike technology and smartphone sensor capability.

Current practices of tracking e-bike data rely on memory recall and self-reporting from the user. Our approach will instead leverage smartphones to conduct ad-hoc travel surveys to supplement the passive data collection and, using machine learning algorithms, create the largest and richest dataset to support the growth of e-bike use as a transportation option.

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August 31,2020
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non-UTC project