Homelessness: A Guide for Public Transportation (TCRP J-11/Task 40)

John MacArthur, Portland State University



TCRP J-11 Task 40 will focus on research that has occurred since the publication of TCRP Synthesis 121 and develop a tailored guide for public transportation agencies and concerned stakeholders on effective approaches and best practices that are responsive to those who are experiencing homelessness. The project activities will: 
•	Update and expand upon the literature review presented in TCRP Synthesis 121. 
•	Establish who experiences homelessness and why transit agencies play an essential role in preventing and resolving homelessness. 
•	Identify public transit agencies' experiences, perceptions, and responses to homelessness. 
•	Help create consistency and shared language between transit agencies. 
•	Explore how social services agencies can connect with people experiencing homelessness through transit services and facilities to ensure effective collaboration.
Research findings will help provide a unique lens into how people who are in low-income situations or experiencing homelessness use public transit systems. The final products will
•	Provide a deeper understanding of the different types and presentations of people experiencing homelessness, their range of needs, and the complicated way the criminal justice system can cause and perpetuate homelessness. 
•	Improve understanding of the issues surrounding people experiencing homelessness. 
•	Identify programs, policies, best practices, and initiatives that can preserve the quality of public transportation services and support people experiencing homelessness. 
•	Make recommendations for transit agencies on how they can partner and collaborate with other organizations to meet community and agency outcomes.

Project Details

Project Type:
Project Status:
In Progress
End Date:
March 01,2021
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non-UTC project