PeopleforBikes- Living Lab Evaluation

John MacArthur, Portland State University


Researchers will conduct an evaluation of the Better Bike Share Partnership (BBSP) Living Lab. BBSP provided five organizations in Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Portland and Philadelphia with funding, support and resources to develop best practices addressing significant barriers to shared micromobility. Portland State University (PSU) will provide the following program evaluation tasks:

Living Labs Evaluation: Conduct a program evaluation of the Living Lab program and the 2021 funding of five organizations in Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Portland and Philadelphia. PSU will conduct reviews of each of the five funded programs, including the project evaluations conducted by each of the organizations. PSU will interview program recipients and the Living Lab program manager to review project objectives and outcomes to overall program objectives. PSU will develop 5 case descriptions that provide a project overview for each project, the outcomes of the projects, coordination between organizations, recommendations and key takeaways for technical transfer.

Tech Transfer Dissemination Review: PSU will evaluate how BBSP resources and project results are disseminated to other bike share organizations. PSU will survey bike share organizations to understand how organizations learn from others organizations, what methods are best to disseminate information (conferences, webinars, site visits, newsletters/webpage, social media), and the value of innovative practices.

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In Progress
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July 30,2026
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