PeopleForBikes National E-bike Survey

John MacArthur, Portland State University


Portland State University has conducted a North American survey of e-bike owners. The primary objective of this study is to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence purchase and use of e-bikes from existing users. Understanding who uses e-bikes, how they are used and the potential of getting more people cycling is critical to the potential for e-bikes to reduce emissions and shift people out of cars and reduce VMT. Do e-bikes get more people
cycling and more people cycling more often? Secondary objectives could explore feedback on how the bicycle owners are currently using their bikes and what features they like and dislike and what they might want in future models.

The primary benefit of the project is to provide evidence-based research, which can be used to inform bicycle policy making, whether focused on safety or environmental performance. Additionally, this survey will improve on the understanding of the e-bike market and how e-bikes can get more people cycling and more people cycling more often. This research will assist e-bike manufacturers on e-bike design and provide valuable information to policymakers and transportation officials seeking to develop a multimodal, sustainable transportation system.

PSU will produce a report of the findings of the research for PeopleforBikes and will present the findings at the Shift’23 conference.

Project Details

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In Progress
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December 31,2023
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non-UTC project
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