Livability Performance Metrics for Transit

Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon


  • Jennifer Dill, Portland State University
  • Nico Larco, University of Oregon


This project sought to understand the relationship between urban form, transit service characteristics, and ridership measured at the stop level. Most previous work in this area has looked at these issues separately, by either linking system performance (e.g. on-time performance, cost, etc.) to ridership or exploring the connection between urban form (e.g. density) and transit use. This project synthesized these disparate approaches. While transit service characteristics (e.g. frequency, travel time, etc.) are important to help individuals reach their desired destinations, most transit users are pedestrians at the beginning and end of any transit trip. Therefore, focusing on the walkable zone around each transit stop was also important.

Project Details

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September 30,2012
UTC Grant Cycle:
OTREC 2011
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