Travel Choices at TransitOriented Developments: Survey Results from Portland’s Eastside

Jennifer Dill, Portland State University


This report presents results from surveys of residents at several transit-oriented
developments (TODs) in the cities of Portland and Gresham, along the MAX blue line
between downtown Portland and Gresham. The research complements survey work
done in 2005 at sites near three MAX stations in Hillsboro and Beaverton (west of
downtown) and the Merrick apartments near the Convention Center in Portland.
Results from those surveys are in a May 2006 report, Travel and Transit Use at
Portland Area Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs) available at
The TODs included in this study are shown in Table 1, with pictures following. All of the
TODs are within one-quarter mile (straight line) distance, with several being adjacent to
the MAX station. Maps of each station area and TOD locations are included in the
Appendix. All of the developments are higher density than surrounding residential
areas, though they were not high density; the buildings were all 2-4 stories. All of the
developments included parking for residents, though at a lower number per dwelling
unit than found in many suburban multifamily housing developments. 

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