Case Study Evaluation of Dynamic Traffic Assignment Tools

John Gliebe, Portland State University


DEVELOPMENT AND SENSITIVITY TESTING OF ALTERNATIVE MOBILITY METRICS: The Oregon Highway Plan’s (OHP) mobility policies guide various planning and programming activities of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Among these activities are ODOT’s land use change review responsibilities under the Transportation Planning Rule, as adopted by the state’s Land Conservation and Development Commission. This report examines supplemental transportation performance metrics beyond the volume-to-capacity metric that currently supports OHP mobility policies. Selected supplemental metrics are empirically analyzed using a travel demand model calibrated for a Medford, Oregon study area. The case study selected for analysis, the Northgate commercial center in Medford, Oregon, was recommended by ODOT because it was centrally located within the urban area, well-served by public transit, and close to an interstate freeway interchange.
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April 10,2011
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