Investigation of Bicycle and Pedestrian Continuous and Short Duration Count Technologies in Oregon

Krista Nordback, Portland State University



While motorized traffic counts are systematic and comprehensive, bicycle and pedestrian traffic is often unknown, which results in lack of planning or infrastructure for active transportation modes. Although there are many emerging technologies to count bicyclists and pedestrians, many have not been thoroughly tested for accuracy and the specifics of technologies used by ODOT staff may differ from those tested elsewhere. Unlike motorized traffic monitoring, non-motorized data collection is not yet systematic or comprehensive.The goal of this research is to advance the work begun in ODOT SPR 13-073 by further investigating if and under what conditions existing continuous and short duration, bicycle and pedestrian count technologies are most accurate and how they can be cost effectively integrated into ODOT’s current traffic monitoring and signal operations systems.

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May 01,2016
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non-UTC project