Livability Performance Metrics for Transit

Marc Schlossberg
Jennifer Dill , Nico Larco
This project sought to understand the relationship between urban form, transit service characteristics, and ridership measured at the stop level. Most previous work in this area has looked at these issues separately, by either linking system performa ... Read More

Transit Bus Fleet Management and Optimization Models Addressing New Engine Technologies and Emissions Constraints

Miguel Andres Figliozzi
Ashley Haire
Due to recent budget and fiscal constraints, it is ever more imperative for transit agencies to manage their fleets in an optimal way. Fleet data have consistently shown that bus operational and maintenance (O&M) per-mile costs increase as buses age. ... Read More

A Study of Headway Maintenance for Bus Routes: Causes and Effects of "Bus Bunching" in Extensive and Congested Service Areas

Miguel Andres Figliozzi
Gerardo Lafferriere , Wu-chi Feng
A healthy and efficient public transit system is indispensable to reduce congestion, emissions, energy consumption, and car dependency in urban areas. The objective of this research is to 1) develop methods to evaluate and visualize bus service relia ... Read More

Extraboard Management

James Strathman
This paper examines extraboard operations and management at TriMet, the transit provider for the Portland Oregon metropolitan area. The extraboard consists of a pool of operators who fill open work resulting from absences and other causes. The paper ... Read More

Rural Transit in Oregon: Current and Future Needs

Jennifer Dill
Margaret Neal
The purpose of the research reported was to identify the current status and needs for general public transportation in Oregon’s rural areas, as well as opportunities and barriers (e.g., funding, governance issues, and leadership) to expanding servi ... Read More

Needs, Costs, and Funding Alternatives for Transportation Services for Older Adults and People with Disabilities in Oregon

Jennifer Dill
Margaret Neal
Portland State University’s Institute on Aging and Center for Transportation Studies, along with the Population Research Center, were contracted by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), via the Association of Counties, to project the tran ... Read More

Travel Choices at TransitOriented Developments: Survey Results from Portland’s Eastside

Jennifer Dill
This report presents results from surveys of residents at several transit-oriented developments (TODs) in the cities of Portland and Gresham, along the MAX blue line between downtown Portland and Gresham. The research complements survey work done ... Read More
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