Evaluation of Speed Activated Displays on Curves

Christopher Monsere
This project is a national demonstration project to evaluate the effectiveness of dynamic speed signs on high crash curves on two-lane rural roadways in seven states to decrease speeds and reduce crashes. The team has installed and is monitoring sign ... Read More

Bridge Seismic Retrofit Measures Considering Subduction Zone Earthquakes

Peter Dusicka
Seismic retrofit implementation in the state has been minimal due to a lack of funding, and when retrofitshave occurred, the scopewas typically limited to phase I retrofit by providing restrainers for keeping the superstructure from sliding from the ... Read More

Safety Effectiveness of Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements

Christopher Monsere
Miguel Figliozzi
The objective of this research is to estimate the effectiveness of PCEs on multimodal safety in Oregon design contexts to derive CMFs calibrated to Oregon (i.e. not only pedestrian crashes but also motorized vehicles and bicycle crashes in the vicini ... Read More

Application of Interactive Video Sensing and Management for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Studies

Wu-chi Feng
Christopher Monsere , Miguel Figliozzi
As video data collection and storage technologies become ubiquitous and inexpensive, transportation agencies struggle to process and extract "intelligence" or useful information from growing libraries of archived video data. In some cases us ... Read More

Safety Impacts of Intersection Sight Distance

Christopher Monsere
Research questions include: How does intersection sight distance (ISD) impact crashes? How can temporal variations in ISD (e.g., foliage) be quantified? Should quality of ISD and the presence of objects to judge depth perception be considered? How do ... Read More

Toward Effective Design Treatments for Right-Turns at Intersections with Bicycle Traffic

Christopher Monsere
The overall goal of the proposed research is to quantify the safety performance of alternative traffic control strategies to mitigate right-turning vehicle-bicycle crashes at intersections in Oregon. ... Read More

Evaluation of Bike Boxes at Signalized Intersections: Phase 2

Christopher Monsere
Analyses of motor vehicle and police-reported crash data reveal that nearly 68 percent of bicycle crashes in Portland, Oregon occur at intersections (PDOT, 2004) which is consistent with national trends (Hunter et al., 1996). Hunter et al. (1996) ... Read More

Prioritization for Seismic Retrofit with Statewide Transportation Assessment

Peter Dusicka
The bulk of the bridge inventory in Oregon was built prior to the current understanding of bridge response and prior to current understanding of the expected earthquake demands. While some bridges are being replaced due to other deficiencies, majorit ... Read More

Bus Safety Performance Monitoring and Analysis

James Strathman
This paper analyzes collision and non-collision incidents that occurred on TriMet’s bus system over a near two-year period. The bus route network was decomposed into stop and line haul segments, and a typology of models was estimated from segment l ... Read More

Improved Pedestrian Safety at Signalized Intersections Operating the Flashing Yellow Arrow

David Hurwitz
Christopher Monsere
In some jurisdictions, protected left-turn phasing has been replaced with the flashing yellow arrow (FYA) for protected/permissive left turns (PPLTs) to reduce delay. However, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the conflict between p ... Read More

Safety Investigation Manual Training with OSU

Christopher Monsere
Christopher Monsere and Karen Dixon provided training at Oregon State University for the ODOT Safety Investigation Manual (TREC project 555). The objective of this manual is to provide a resource to assist ODOT traffic investigators with highway safe ... Read More

Strength & Fatigue of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge Decks with Mechanical Deck to Stringer Connectors

Peter Dusicka
Final report available at: http://www.oregon.gov/odot/td/tp_res/docs/reports/2012/sr_500_490.pdf Replacement of the steel grating deck on the lift span of the Morrison Bridge in Portland, OR, will utilize glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) pane ... Read More
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