Better Representation of the Pedestrian Environment in Travel Demand Models

Kelly Clifton
Robert Schneider , Jennifer Toole
There is growing support for improvements to the quality of the walking environment, including more investments to promote pedestrian travel. Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are improving regional travel demand forecasting models to better ... Read More

Design and Implementation of Pedestrian and Bicycle-Specific Data Collection Methods in Oregon

Miguel Figliozzi
Christopher Monsere
Although there is a growing need to access accurate and reliable pedestrian and bicycle data, there is no statewide system to collect data or plan future data collection efforts in the state of Oregon. To address these issues this research conducted ... Read More

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update Quantitative Case Studies

Kelly Clifton
Quantitative Case Studies for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update ODOT/USDOT ... Read More

Promoting Active School Travel by Making it Cool: a quasi-experimental study using Boltage

Yizhao Yang
Lynn Weigand , Ihab Elzeyadi , Noreen McDonald , William Harbaugh (consultant)
Research on children's school travel suggests two sets of factors critically affect the use of active school commuting modes (i.e., walking or biking) among children. The first involves external factors, such as trip distance, neighborhood walkabilit ... Read More

Improved Pedestrian Safety at Signalized Intersections Operating the Flashing Yellow Arrow

David Hurwitz
Christopher Monsere
In some jurisdictions, protected left-turn phasing has been replaced with the flashing yellow arrow (FYA) for protected/permissive left turns (PPLTs) to reduce delay. However, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the conflict between p ... Read More

Family Activity Study

Jennifer Dill
Joseph Broach , Nathan McNeil
The Family Activity Study is a longitudinal study with the primary objective of evaluating the influence of bicycle boulevards (also known as Neighborhood Greenways) on the travel behavior and physical activity of families with children. Bike bouleva ... Read More

Implementation of Active Living Policies by Transportation Agencies and Departments

Jennifer Dill
Deborah Howe
The built environment is an important factor in enabling people of all ages to be physically active on a daily basis whether for recreation or carrying out the tasks of everyday life. The extent to which a community has a system of well-maintained s ... Read More

Trail Planning & Community Service Curriculum

Lynn Weigand
The objective of this project was to develop a new trail planning curriculum and conduct a regional trail research project in the Portland metropolitan area. The curriculum was created for a community service-based, University Capstone course at Port ... Read More

Bicycle and Pedestrian Design Curriculum Expansion

Lynn Weigand
This project broadened course offerings on bicycle and pedestrian transportation by redesigning and expanding an existing, threecredit undergraduate/graduate course into a five-credit course that includes an applied lab component. The course was open ... Read More

Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Program

Lynn Weigand
Karen Dixon , Marc Schlossberg
Since the 1990s, the amount of attention and funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure has increased significantly. This, combined with the role of transportation in public health and environmental concerns, has raised expectations for engine ... Read More
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