Jason Anderson

Research Associate
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Portland State University

Dr. Jason C. Anderson is a research associate and adjunct instructor at Portland State University. Dr. Anderson’s expertise is in data analytics, particularly advanced statistical and econometric methods, with an emphasis on transportation safety, transportation economics, travel behavior, and policy (impacts of policy changes on safety). His work on policy-related contexts has led Oregon to develop and maintain a Safety Action Plan aimed at reducing truck driver-at-fault crashes on state highways. He was also part of a team that updated Oregon’s safety investigation tools. He has been PI and Co-PI on projects related to each of these areas. Although much of Dr. Anderson’s work has been focused on freight transportation, he has worked on several projects that focus on various modes. His work on pedestrian safety has led to countermeasure evaluation and selection in the state of Oregon. Dr. Anderson’s research on transportation safety has helped advance fundamental knowledge on various factors that influence the risk and severity of freight transportation-related crashes and the effects of speed limit changes on driving behavior and safety. Recently, Dr. Anderson has begun fusing these statistical and econometric methods with machine learning approaches to study transportation safety and travel behavior.