Tanmoy Bhowmik

Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Portland State University

Dr. Tanmoy Bhowmik joined the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Portland State University as an Assistant Professor in Fall of 2023. Prior to that, he worked as a post-doctoral associate and graduate faculty scholar at University of Central Florida. Dr. Bhowmik's research primarily focused on the formulation and development of statistical and econometric models and applying them to different transportation sectors - including transportation planning, safety, and energy - to understand the underlying behavioral patterns and decision processes. His ongoing work deals with analyzing the impact of emerging technologies (electric and connected vehicles) on transportation environments, public health, and energy consumption. Dr. Bhowmik is currently a member of the editorial board of Frontiers in Future Transportation, and serves as a panel member in two NCHRP projects.

Website: https://www.tanmoybhowmik.com/