Transportation Data Education

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Data-driven policy and strategy are critical to meeting transportation goals. Where there is insufficient or incomplete data, there can be no effective solutions. It’s why we’ve focused our research efforts on filling data gaps, and why we house two national data clearinghouses – PORTAL and BikePed Portal – aimed at making transportation data more easily accessible to researchers and practitioners.

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Another key aspect is education. Over the years we have hosted a variety of offerings that support data collection and analysis, including:

  • Webinar Series: Webinars focused on the issues and topics important to multimodal transportation data, led by the TREC Transportation Data Manager, with support from our PORTAL partners.
  • Multi-Day Courses
    • Data Science Course - Part 1: Introduction to Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists
    • Data Science Course - Part 2: Intermediate Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists
  • Full and half-day Workshops
    • Survey Design: Asking the Right Questions
    • Data Analysis for Smarties Who Forgot What They Learned in College
    • R for Transportation Data Science: Application and Best Practices
    • QPED Toolkit - Qualitative Pedestrian Environments Data for better, more equitable transportation decision-making
    • Using novel data sources to support transportation planning and analysis
    • Using the PORTAL Data Archive
  • And many more seminars, panels and webinars (see our playlist of past recordings) on transportation data topics like: Counting the Underrepresented in Transportation Data: Bicyclists and Pedestrians; Fair and Accurate Data: Equity-informed Approach to Representation; and more.

Learn more about our key transportation data research and applications here.