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Research Highlights

Food Delivery Footprint: Addressing Transportation, Packaging, and Waste in the Food Supply Chain

Madeleine Pullman
Darrell Brown , Scott Marshall
Transportation of food accounts for a significant fraction of the carbon dioxide emissions believed to be adversely impacting climate and the environment. And this impact is increasing as food supply chains become longer and more complex, and food packaging requirements lead to increased waste. Many organizations such as hospitals and upper level education are becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability. In this study, college, university, and hospital food purchasing behavior were a... Read More

Addressing Bicycle-Vehicle Conflicts with Alternate Signal Control Strategies

Sirisha Kothuri
Christopher Monsere , Krista Nordback , Edward Smaglik
Over the last decade there has been increased interest in promoting active and sustainable transportation modes such as bicycling and walking especially in urban areas, as a means to alleviate congestion, lower emission levels and improve personal health. In urban areas, intersections are locations where a variety of modes converge, thus increasing the propensity for conflicts. Many bicycle-vehicle crashes occur at intersections. A common crash type involving bicycles at intersections is the ... Read More