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Research Highlights

Evaluation of Roadway Reallocation Projects

Miguel Andres Figliozzi
In the last decade there has been a national trend toward projects that involve roadway space reallocation across modes. Many of these projects may include road diets and are typically very controversial when automobile travel lanes and/or curbside parking are proposed for removal. Cities and federal agencies typically evaluate roadway changes utilizing level of service measures. Traditional level of service (LOS) for automobile traffic is based on travel time and congestion levels. New ... Read More

Affordable Housing Trip Generation Strategies and Rates

Kelly Clifton
Kristina Currans , Susan Handy , Robert Schneider
Assessment and mitigation of transportation impacts based on travel demand is required by state, federal, and local laws in California. Determining trip generation is typically the first step in preparing these transportation impact analyses, and current industry standard practice relies on trip rates published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). However, ITE protocols emphasize vehicle trip rates without sensitivity to urban context or socioeconomic characteristics, which can... Read More