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Research Highlights

Integrate Socioeconomic Vulnerability for Resilient Transportation Infrastructure Planning

Liming Wang
John MacArthur , Yu Xiao
The objective of this proposal is to develop a new methodology that incorporates community socioeconomic vulnerability in the evaluation of transportation infrastructure vulnerabilities for cities and regions facing multi-hazards such as the Portland metropolitan area. According to the City of Portland’s Hazard Mitigation Action Plan 2016, the City faces a high risk of earthquake hazards and medium risks of landslides, wildfires, and floods. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the vulnerab... Read More

Survey of Oregon Electric Vehicle & Hybrid Owners

John MacArthur
The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is changing dramatically in the United States. Federal and state policies have been adopted to promote research and development in EV technology and to increase the number of EVs available in order to support increasing rates of EV ownership. The state of Oregon has one of the highest per-capita EV sales markets in the country. However, much is to be done if Oregon is to reach their ambitious goal of complete electrification of the private automobile ind... Read More