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Research Highlights

Using Archived ITS Data to Measure the Operational Benefits of a System-wide Adaptive Ramp Metering System

Robert Bertini
Christopher Monsere
A System-Wide Adaptive Ramp Metering (SWARM) system has been implemented in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, replacing the previous pre-timed ramp-metering system that had been in operation since 1981. SWARM has been deployed on six major corridors and operates during the morning and afternoon peak hours. This report presents results of a ―before‖ and ―after‖ evaluation of the performance of two freeway corridors as part of ongoing efforts to measure the benefits of the new SWARM syste... Read More

Impacts of Electric Vehicle Charging on Electric Power Distribution Systems

Robert Bass
Electric Avenue, located on the PSU campus along SW Montgomery Street, is a joint project between Portland General Electric, Portland State University (PSU) and the City of Portland. Launched in August 2011, Electric Avenue is intended as a research platform for understanding the impact electric vehicles have within the larger context of the city. For this research, we used Electric Avenue to investigate the impacts electric vehicles (EVs) may have on electric power distribution systems. Nonl... Read More