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Research Highlights

Contextual Guidance at Intersections for Protected Bicycle Lanes

Christopher Monsere
Nathan McNeil
Protected, or separated, bike lanes have become increasingly common around the United States. Studies have consistently found that people prefer bike facilities that are separated from traffic, such as off-street paths and protected bike lanes, with physical separation such as a post or curb providing increased comfort. The preference for these separated facilities appears to be greater amongst cyclists who ride primarily for recreation (as opposed to for transportation) and among those who c... Read More

Active Travel Behavior and Spatial-Temporal Land Use Mixing

Steven Gehrke
Urban policies have emphasized the importance of land use mixing as an intervention beholding of lasting planning and public health benefits. Transportation planners have identified potential in efficiency gains achieved by increasing land use mix and the subsequent shortening of trip lengths; whereas, public health research has accredited increased land use mixing as an effective policy for facilitating greater physical activity. However, despite the myriad benefits and extent of topical res... Read More