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Research Highlights

Effect of Residential Street Speed Limit Reduction from 25 to 20 mi/hr on Driving Speeds in Portland, Oregon

Christopher Monsere
Sirisha Kothuri , Jason Anderson
In 2015, the City of Portland adopted Vision Zero's objective of eliminating transportationrelated fatalities and serious injuries. Speed, through analysis of crash data, was determined to be a contributing factor in 47% of the fatal crashes observed in Portland between 2004-2013 (City of Portland, 2016). Additionally, it is well-established that higher motor vehicle speeds result in more serious outcomes for the vulnerable road user, and the severity of an injury exponentially increases with... Read More

Implementing a Community Transportation Academy

Nathan McNeil
Keith Bartholomew
For over 25 years, the Portland Bureau of Transportation has partnered with Portland State University to offer the Portland Traffic and Transportation Course – a 10-week course designed to provide local residents with the skills and knowledge to understand and effectively participate in transportation decisions affecting their neighborhoods. The course guides students through the history of transportation in Portland, connects them with transportation planners and decisions makers across vari... Read More