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Research Highlights

A Decentralized Network Consensus Control Approach for Urban Traffic Signal Optimization

Gerardo Lafferriere
The main contribution of this project is the simulation platform that allows for comparison between the proposed consensus approach and a standard traffic signal control protocol. The main features of the mathematical model and the simulation tools are explained and illustrated in the report. The complete open source for the code is available in the online depository. The code is in the form of MATLAB files with extensive comments explaining the various parts of the model. The tool has an int... Read More

Improving Bicycle Crash Prediction for Urban Road Segments

Sirisha Kothuri
Krista Nordback , Wesley Marshall
The 2010 Highway Safety Manual (HSM) provides methods for predicting the number of motor vehicle crashes on various roadway facilities (AASHTO, 2010). However, it includes only a simplistic method for predicting the number of bicycle-related crashes. The research team investigated the bicycle-specific crash data in eight potential study areas around the U.S.: Arlington, VA (city/county); Bellingham, WA (city); Boulder, CO (city); Denver, CO (city/county); Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN (cities)... Read More