TREC research addresses complex transportation problems by drawing on multiple disciplines, including engineering, planning, economics and design, from across the Portland State University campus. Use the search box at right to search for a specific project.

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Research Highlights

Smart, Shared, and Social: Enhancing All-Hazards Transportation Recovery Plans with Demand Management Strategies and Technologies

John MacArthur
Natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other emergency incidents can affect multiple jurisdictions simultaneously. Major disasters, such as earthquakes, create large-scale impacts that require outside assistance even for the most prepared local public safety and emergency management organizations. The cities, counties, non-governmental organizations, and business-sector stakeholders in a region recognize that they all can more effectively respond to emergencies and facilitate recovery of c... Read More

Active Transportation Return on Investment Study

Jennifer Dill
Jenny Liu , Marisa Zapata
The Active Transportation Return on Investment (ATROI) study aimed to provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the benefits of active transportation infrastructure in the Portland, OR region. The study used a selection of projects constructed in the region between 2001 and 2017 to evaluate impacts, with a focus on economic impacts, broadly defined. Two types of projects are included. 2040 catalyst projects retrofitted busy commercial streets with pedestrian friendly treatments aim... Read More