Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Edged Out: Location Efficient Housing and Low Income Households in the Portland Region 03/04/2016 Andree Tremoulet, Research Associate & Adjunct Assistant Professor, Portland State University; Ryan Dann, Ph.D. candidate, Portland State University
Parking Infrastructure: A Constraint on or Opportunity for Urban Redevelopment? A Study of Los Angeles County Parking Supply and Growth 02/26/2016 Mikhail Chester, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Consistent Estimation of Revealed Route Choice Preferences for Dynamic Transit Assignment 02/19/2016 Jeff Hood, Principal, Hood Transportation Consulting
Webinar: Development of a Pedestrian Demand Estimation Tool 02/18/2016 Kelly Clifton, Portland State University
An Analysis of Cyclist Path Choices Through Shared Space Intersections in England 02/12/2016 Allison Duncan, Ph.D. Candidate, Portland State University
Towards Effective Design Treatment for Right Turns at Intersections with Bicycle Traffic 02/05/2016 David Hurwitz, Professor, Oregon State University; Chris Monsere, Professor, Portland State University
Student presentations from TRB, week 3 01/29/2016 Patrick Singleton, Portland State University; Andy Kading, Portland State University
Student presentations from TRB, week 2 01/22/2016 Nicholas Stoll, Portland State University; Nicholas Kobel, Portland State University
Assessing Travel Plans for Residential Developments 01/15/2016 Geoff Rose, Professor, Monash University
Student presentations from TRB, week 1 01/08/2016 Steven R. Gehrke, Portland State University; Kristina Currans, Portland State University
Cargo Cycles for Local and Last Mile Delivery: Lessons from New York City 12/04/2015 Alison Conway, Assistant Professor, City College of New York
Three Bridges 11/20/2015 Robert Liberty, Director, PSU Urban Sustainability Accelerator
Webinar: Transportation Academy: Lessons from the Portland Traffic and Transportation Course 11/17/2015 Nathan McNeil, Research Associate, Portland State University
Choropleth Mapping of Estimates and Errors of Estimation from the American Community Survey 11/13/2015 Ran Wei, Assistant Professor, University of Utah
Model-Based Analytics and Processes for Transportation Investment Alternatives Analyses: From Least Cost Planning to Multi Criterion Evaluation 11/06/2015 Jeff Frkonja, Director, Metro Research Center
Examining the right to bicycle: Synergies and tensions between human rights, civil rights, and planning for cycling 10/30/2015 Aaron Golub, Associate Professor, Portland State University
Webinar: Transport Cost Index: A New Comprehensive Performance Measure for Transportation and Land Use 10/27/2015 Liming Wang, Assistant Professor, Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University
The Trade-offs between Population Density and Households' Transportation-housing Costs 10/23/2015 Haizhong Wang, Assistant Professor, Civil & Construction Engineering, Oregon State University
The backstory: How LivableStreets advocates changed Boston 10/16/2015 Jeffrey Rosenblum, Adjunct Instructor, Northeastern University; Ph.D. candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Location-efficient affordable housing as a pre-requisite for a safe, healthy, and equitable transportation system 10/09/2015 Arlie Adkins, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Evaluation of a Shared Space Alternative in Morgantown, WV 10/02/2015 Avinash Unnikrishnan, Associate Professor, Portland State University
Transportation and Communities Summit 2015 09/15/2015
Webinar: Pedestrians Count! – How to Measure Foot Traffic 08/27/2015 Krista Nordback, Portland State University; Shawn Turner, Texas Transportation Institute; Scott Brady, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission; Theo Petritsch, Sprinkle Consulting; David Jones, Federal Highway Administration
Webinar: Four Types of Cyclists: A National Look 08/11/2015 Jennifer Dill, Professor, Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University
Webinar: Americans' Views of Transportation and Livable Communities 08/05/2015 Jennifer Dill, Portland State University; Hugh Morris, National Association of Realtors