Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Planning Transportation for Recreational Areas 10/21/2016 Anne Dunning, University of Kansas
Can Location Value Capture Pay for Transit? Organizational Challenges of Transforming Theory Into Practice 10/14/2016 Deborah Salon, Assistant Professor, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University
The Bridge and the City 10/07/2016 Daniel Biau, Ph.D., International Consultant and Author
Integrative Public Transport in a Segmented City: Reflections from Jerusalem 09/30/2016 Galit Cohen-Blankshtain, Ph.D., School of Public Policy and Dept. of Geography, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Webinar: States on the Hot Seat: State Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation 06/14/2016 Rebecca Lewis, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
Pursuing Vision Zero in Seattle – Results of a Systemic Safety Analysis 06/03/2016 Rebecca Sanders, Senior Planner, Toole Design Group
MURP Workshop Extravaganza 05/27/2016 Lea Anderson, Curtis Fisher and teams; Portland State University
Webinar: Investigations in Transportation: Partnering Industry Professionals and Elementary Teachers in a STEM Unit of Study 05/24/2016 Carol Biskupic Knight, Portland State University Center for Science Education
Connected Vehicles and Rural Road Weather Management 05/20/2016 Rhonda Young, Associate Professor, Gonzaga
Is It Working? Are the Region's and City's Transportation Policies and Actions Moving Us in Their Desired Directions? 05/13/2016 Roger Geller, Bicycle Coordinator, City of Portland, Oregon
Measuring What We Value: Using Performance Measures to Achieve Goals 05/06/2016 Chris Rall, Pacific Northwest Field Organizer, Transportation For America
Track time and monetary costs of transportation as a comprehensive performance measure: Development and application of Transportation Cost Index 04/29/2016 Liming Wang, Assistant Professor, Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning, Portland State University
Putting the Fun Before the Wonk: Using Bike Fun to Diversify Bike Ridership 04/22/2016 Lillian Karabaic, Development Manager, Community Cycling Center
Webinar: Evaluation of an Electric Bike Pilot Project in Portland, Oregon 04/21/2016 John MacArthur, Sustainable Transportation 
Program Manager, TREC at Portland State University
Understanding Transportation in Urban China - Local Residents vs Migrant Workers 04/15/2016 Jenny Liu, Assistant Professor, Portland State University
The Myth of Oregon's "Freight Dependent" Economy 04/08/2016 Joe Cortright, President, Impreza Consulting
Rerouting Mode Choice Models: ​H​ow Including Realistic Route Options Can Help Us Understand Decisions to Walk or Bike 04/01/2016 Joseph Broach, Research Associate & Instructor, Portland State University
Measuring and Modeling Cyclists’ Comfort and Stress Levels 03/11/2016 Miguel Figliozzi, Professor, Portland State University
Edged Out: Location Efficient Housing and Low Income Households in the Portland Region 03/04/2016 Andree Tremoulet, Research Associate & Adjunct Assistant Professor, Portland State University; Ryan Dann, Ph.D. candidate, Portland State University
Parking Infrastructure: A Constraint on or Opportunity for Urban Redevelopment? A Study of Los Angeles County Parking Supply and Growth 02/26/2016 Mikhail Chester, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Consistent Estimation of Revealed Route Choice Preferences for Dynamic Transit Assignment 02/19/2016 Jeff Hood, Principal, Hood Transportation Consulting
Webinar: Development of a Pedestrian Demand Estimation Tool 02/18/2016 Kelly Clifton, Portland State University
An Analysis of Cyclist Path Choices Through Shared Space Intersections in England 02/12/2016 Allison Duncan, Ph.D. Candidate, Portland State University
Towards Effective Design Treatment for Right Turns at Intersections with Bicycle Traffic 02/05/2016 David Hurwitz, Professor, Oregon State University; Chris Monsere, Professor, Portland State University
Student presentations from TRB, week 3 01/29/2016 Patrick Singleton, Portland State University; Andy Kading, Portland State University