Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Online Info Session: PSU Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) 12/13/2018 Greg Schrock and Marisa Zapata, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: The Influence of Shared Mobility and Transportation Policies on Vehicle Ownership 11/30/2018 Edgar Ruas, Portland State University
Webinar: Segmenting the Market for Transportation Demand Management Campaigns 11/28/2018 Philip Winters and Amy Lester, University of South Florida
Friday Transportation Seminar: Scenarios for Adoption of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies in Freight 11/16/2018 Sabya Mishra, University of Memphis
PBOT Bicycle Lunch & Learn: Transforming Northwest Portland 11/15/2018 Nicole Peirce, Capitol Project Manager, Scott Cohen, Capitol Project Manager, Zef Wagner, Transportation Planner
Friday Transportation Seminar: Portland’s Transportation Wallet: How Pricing Parking Can Create New Mobility Options 11/09/2018 Sarah Goforth, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Friday Transportation Seminar: Is Public Transit's 'Green' Reputation Deserved? 11/02/2018 Justin Beaudoin, University of Washington Tacoma
Friday Transportation Seminar: Driver Comprehension of Permissive Right-Turns with a Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) 10/26/2018 Chris Monsere Portland State University; David Hurwitz, Oregon State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Cycling Research and Practice in Australia: Insights from a Hybrid Approach 10/19/2018 Marilyn Johnson, Monash University
Webinar: Addressing Bicycle-Vehicle Conflicts with Alternate Signal Control Strategies 10/16/2018 Sirisha Kothuri, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Transportation Behavior Change...Now With SCIENCE! 10/12/2018 Jessica Roberts, Alta Planning + Design
Friday Transportation Seminar: Unobserved Heterogeneity and Spatial Correlation: Statistical and Econometric Analyses of Heavy-Vehicle Hard Braking and Crash Frequency 10/05/2018 Jason Anderson, Oregon State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Barriers to “New Mobility”: A Community-Informed Approach to Smart Cities Technology 09/28/2018 Aaron Golub, Portland State University; Vivian Satterfield, Verde
Transportation & Communities 2018: Academy Edition 09/13/2018
NITC Pooled Fund Project Information Meeting: Exploring Data Fusion Techniques 09/06/2018 Hau Hagedorn, TREC; Josh Roll, ODOT
TREC/OAPA Webinar: Authentic Community Engagement 08/30/2018 Eryn Kehe, Metro; Wendy Serrano, Trimet
IBPI Workshop: Creating Effective Active Transportation Programs 08/19/2018
IBPI Workshop: Comprehensive Bikeway Design 08/13/2018
Webinar: Meeting & Exceeding Mobility User Expectations with Real-Time Transit Information 08/09/2018 Sean Barbeau, University of South Florida; Derek Fretheim, Moovel
Data Science Course - Part 2: Intermediate/Advanced Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists 08/08/2018 Liming Wang, Ph.D., Portland State University
Data Science Course - Part 1: Introduction to Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists 08/06/2018 Liming Wang, Ph.D., Portland State University
Utrecht Mobility Hubs: TREC and YPT Summer Seminar 07/31/2018 Lucas van der Linde, Gouddapel Cofeng
IBPI Faculty Workshop: Integrating Bike-Ped Topics into University Transportation Courses 06/19/2018
Webinar: Firsthand Data Collection: Students Get Behind the Wheel of Vehicle Dynamics 06/11/2018 Roger Lindgren and Jordan Preston, Oregon Institute of Technology
PeopleForBikes Tape Measure Tour 06/11/2018