Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Webinar: Engaging Youth to Choose Car-Free Mobility 05/22/2019 Autumn Shafer, University of Oregon
Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): Making the Seemingly Impossible Project Real through Local Improvement Districts 05/17/2019 Andrew H. Aebi, City of Portland
Friday Transportation Seminar: How AV Could Shape Our Cities - Research from the Netherlands 05/10/2019 Dr. Gonçalo Correia, TU Delft University
Friday Transportation Seminar: That Bike is Too Heavy: Merging Bicycling Physics, Human Physiology and Travel Behavior 05/03/2019 Alex Bigazzi, University of British Columbia
Friday Transportation Seminar: An Agent-Based Evacuation Model to Improve Safety in the Cascadia Subduction Zone 04/19/2019 Haizhong Wang, Oregon State University
Data Science Course - Part 2: Intermediate Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists 04/08/2019 Tammy Lee and Joseph Broach, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Deriving Lane-level Insight from GPS Data: Innovations for Traffic & Autonomous Driving 04/05/2019 James Fowe, HERE Technologies
Data Science Course - Part 1: Introduction to Scientific Computing for Planners, Engineers, and Scientists 04/03/2019 Tammy Lee and Joseph Broach, Portland State University
TREC / Forth Partner Webinar: E-Bikes for Everyone: Electrifying Communities in New Ways 03/21/2019 John MacArthur, TREC; Sergio Lopez, Forth
Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): PedPDX: Addressing Equity through Citywide Pedestrian Planning 03/15/2019 Michelle Marx and Francesca Patricolo, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Mobility Matters 2019 03/11/2019
GIS Online Story Mapping: One-Day Workshop for High School Girls 03/09/2019
Friday Transportation Seminar: Public Transportation and New Mobility 03/08/2019 Chris Pangilinan, Uber
Webinar: Rethinking Streets for Bikes: An Evidence Based Guide of Bike-Friendly Street Retrofits 02/27/2019 Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon; Roger Lindgren, Oregon Tech
Friday Transportation Seminar: Words Matter: Recognizing and Addressing Modal Assumptions to Shift Transportation Culture 02/22/2019 Barb Chamberlain, Washington Department of Transportation
Friday Transportation Seminar: The Success of an Integrated Mobility Strategy: Lessons from the Netherlands for the Pacific West Coast 02/15/2019 Lucas van der Linde, Goudappel Coffeng
Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): The Portland E-Scooter Experience 02/01/2019 Briana Orr, Portland Bureau of Transportation; John MacArthur, TREC at Portland State University
Webinar: Modeling Freeway Traffic in a Mixed Environment: Connected and Human-Driven Vehicles 01/24/2019 Xianfeng (Terry) Yang, University of Utah
INFO SESSION: Study Abroad 2019 - Sustainable Transportation in the Netherlands 01/11/2019 John MacArthur, Portland State University and Aaron Golub, Portland State University
Online Info Session: PSU Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) 12/13/2018 Greg Schrock and Marisa Zapata, Portland State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: The Influence of Shared Mobility and Transportation Policies on Vehicle Ownership 11/30/2018 Edgar Ruas, Portland State University
Webinar: Segmenting the Market for Transportation Demand Management Campaigns 11/28/2018 Philip Winters and Amy Lester, University of South Florida
Friday Transportation Seminar: Scenarios for Adoption of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies in Freight 11/16/2018 Sabya Mishra, University of Memphis
PBOT Bicycle Lunch & Learn: Transforming Northwest Portland 11/15/2018 Nicole Peirce, Capitol Project Manager, Scott Cohen, Capitol Project Manager, Zef Wagner, Transportation Planner
Friday Transportation Seminar: Portland’s Transportation Wallet: How Pricing Parking Can Create New Mobility Options 11/09/2018 Sarah Goforth, Portland Bureau of Transportation