Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Friday Transportation Seminar: Oregon Walks Pedestrian Crash Report: Causes, Effects, and Recommendations 04/23/2021 Ashton Simpson and Scott Kocher, Oregon Walks; Brandon Summers, Forum Law Group
Friday Transportation Seminar: Evaluation of a Transportation Incentive Program for Affordable Housing Residents 04/16/2021 Roshin Kurian, PBOT; Huijun Tan, Nathan McNeil and John MacArthur, Portland State University
Webinar: Rethinking Streets During COVID 04/06/2021 Clare Haley, John Larson-Friend, Marc Schlossberg and Aliza Whalen, University of Oregon
Friday Transportation Seminar: Racial Bias in Driver Yielding Behavior at Crosswalks 04/02/2021 Kimberly Kahn, PSU; Peter Koonce, PBOT; George Stern, Deafblind Citizens in Action
Webinar: Transit Impacts on Jobs, People and Real Estate 03/23/2021 Arthur C. Nelson, Kristina Currans, and Robert Hibberd; University of Arizona
Friday Transportation Seminar: Forging Equity in Cities: Using Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (eTOD) as a Blueprint for Policy and Practice 03/05/2021 Roberto Requejo, Elevated Chicago
Virtual Workshop: Learning by Doing: Streets for People 03/04/2021 Portland Urban Design Collaborative
Friday Transportation Seminar: Multnomah County REACH Transportation Crash and Safety Report: At the Intersection of Transportation, Health, Race and Justice 02/26/2021 Tameka Brazile, Brendon Haggerty and Charlene McGee; Multnomah County
Webinar: Land Use and Transportation Policies for a Sustainable Future 02/09/2021 Liming Wang, Portland State University
Webinar: Transportation Benefits of Polycentric Urban Form 01/19/2021 Reid Ewing and Sadegh Sabouri, University of Utah
Friday Transportation Seminar: Winning the Fight for Better Bus Service 12/04/2020 Steven Higashide, Author, Better Buses Better Cities
Friday Transportation Seminar: Racial Disparities in Traffic Enforcement 11/20/2020 Mike Dolan Fliss, UNC-CH Injury Prevention Research Center
Friday Transportation Seminar: Curating Equitable Transportation 11/13/2020 Nikotris Perkins, Oregon DOT
Webinar: Bus Stops: Access and Equity 11/10/2020 Keith Bartholomew, University of Utah
Friday Transportation Seminar: At the Intersection of Safety + Race + Transportation 11/06/2020 Charlene McGee, Multnomah County
Friday Transportation Seminar: Case Studies of Travel Demand Analysis on Transport Disadvantaged Communities 10/30/2020 Tierra Bills, Wayne State University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Tribal Mobility, Accessibility and Social Equity 10/23/2020 Margo Hill, Eastern Washington University
Friday Transportation Seminar: Dignity Infused Community Engagement in Los Angeles 10/16/2020 Caro Vera, Fehr & Peers; Kevin Ocubillo, LADOT
Friday Transportation Seminar: Biking While Black: How Planning Contributes to Unjust Policing 10/09/2020 Jesus Barajas, UC Davis
Webinar: Economic and Business Outcomes of Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements 10/06/2020 Jenny Liu, Portland State University
Webinar: A National Scan of Bike Share Equity Programs: Best Practices and Lessons Learned 09/16/2020 Nathan McNeil and John MacArthur, Portland State University; Adriel Thornton, MoGo Detroit
Cancelled: IBPI Workshop: Comprehensive Bikeway Design 08/24/2020
Summer Transportation Camp (Girls) - Virtual Edition 07/27/2020
Cancelled: IBPI Faculty Workshop: Integrating Bike-Ped Topics into University Transportation Courses 07/16/2020 Dr. Chris Monsere, Portland State University
Summer Transportation Camp (All Genders) - Virtual Edition 06/22/2020