Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Friday Transportation Seminar: Moving From Probabilistic to Time-Based On-Time Performance 11/18/2022 Miles Crumley, TriMet
Friday Transportation Seminar: System-level Risk Management of Transportation Structures and Networks 11/04/2022 David Yang, PSU
Friday Transportation Seminar: Freight Moves the Oregon Economy 10/28/2022 Becky Knudson, ODOT
Research Into Comics Workshop 10/28/2022
Friday Transportation Seminar: How COVID-19 Changed Our Cities: Evidence from a Multi-Wave National Survey 10/21/2022 Deborah Salon, Arizona State University
Webinar: Community Transportation Academies: Rethinking Effective Community Engagement Around Transportation Decision-Making 10/20/2022 Nathan McNeil, PSU; Keith Bartholomew, UU; Andrea Olson, UDOT; Laura Hanson, Utah GOPB; Thuy Tu, Thuy Tu Consulting
Friday Transportation Seminar: Bringing Complete Streets to Reality in State Transportation Projects 10/14/2022 Celeste Gilman, WSDOT
Friday Transportation Seminar: Speed Management and Speed Reduction in Portland, OR 10/07/2022 Jason Anderson, PSU; Clay Veka, PBOT
Friday Transportation Seminar: Port of Portland’s Marine Terminal 6 Contribution to Regional Economic Development 09/30/2022 Lewison Lem, Port of Portland
Webinar: Mobility for the People: Equity Requirements Across 239 US Shared Micromobility Programs 09/21/2022 Anne Brown, University of Oregon
Friday Transportation Seminar: Impacts of City-Level Parking Cash-Out and Commuter Benefits Ordinances 09/16/2022 Gabby Abou-Zeid, ICF; Allen Greenberg, FHWA
Friday Transportation Seminar: Rideshare Practices in Developing Countries vs Developed Countries 07/29/2022 Francis Wambalaba, USIU
Webinar: Assessing Economic Impact of Disaster-Induced Transportation Disruptions Using a University-Community Partnership Framework 07/12/2022 Divya Chandrasekhar, University of Utah
Webinar: Scooting to Healthy and Safe Mode Choices 06/07/2022 Kristi Currans and Nicole Iroz-Elardo, UA; John MacArthur, PSU
Friday Transportation Seminar: Safety Interventions for Houseless Pedestrians 06/03/2022 Street Perspective (PSU MURPs): Peter Domine, Nick Meusch, Asif Haque, Angie Martinez, Sean Doyle, and Meisha Whyte
Friday Transportation Seminar: Prioritizing Transit in Portland: Checking in on the Rose Lanes Project 05/20/2022 Nathan McNeil, PSU; Jamie Jeffrey and April Bertelsen, PBOT; Jamie Snook, TriMet
Friday Transportation Seminar: Why Your City Needs a Car Master Plan 05/13/2022 Cathy Tuttle, Urban Design & Planning Consultant
Friday Transportation Seminar: Using E-Bike Incentive Programs to Expand the Market – Trends and Best Practices 05/06/2022 John MacArthur and Cameron Bennett, PSU
Webinar: The Impact of Decentralizing Homeless Services on Transportation and Mobility 04/20/2022 Sarah Canham, Ivis Garcia, Shannon Jones, and Jeff Rose; UU
Friday Transportation Seminar: Addressing Gendered Harassment and Women's Travel Needs 03/18/2022 Madeline Brozen, UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies
Webinar: Exploring Data Fusion Techniques to Derive Bicycle Volumes on a Network 03/10/2022 Sirisha Kothuri and Joe Broach, PSU; Kate Hyun, UTA
Mumbai Taximen: Life and Labor in a City on the Move 03/04/2022 Tarini Bedi, University of Illinois
Friday Transportation Seminar: Stories from the Bike Equity Network 03/04/2022 Adonia Lugo, Antioch University
Partner Event: Mobility Matters 2022 03/03/2022
International Urban Issues Seminar: Regulating Informal Sector Public Transportation Providers in the Global South 02/24/2022 Aaron Golub, Portland State University