Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
The SFpark Pilot: Using data to make cities better 04/03/2015 Kathryn Doherty-Chapman, Transportation Planner, Metro
Webinar: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Protected Cycling Facilities: Lessons from Five Cities 03/19/2015 Chris Monsere, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Portland State University
Self-Organizing Signals: A Better Framework for Transit Signal Priority 03/13/2015 Peter Furth, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University
Empirical Evaluation of Transit Signal Priority through Fusion of Heterogeneous Transit and Traffic Signal Data and Novel Performance Measures 03/06/2015 Wei Feng, Performance Analyst, Chicago Transit Authority
Active Transportation Research at Northern Arizona University 02/27/2015 Edward J Smaglik, Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University
Crowdsourcing Cycling Safety and Route Data with the “ORcycle” Smartphone App 02/20/2015 Miguel Figliozzi, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University
Transportation System Impacts on Bicyclists' Air Pollution Risks: Considerations for System Design and Use 02/13/2015 Alex Bigazzi, Ph.D., Portland State University
The Mamachari, Bicycle Neighborhoods, and Public Transportation: Sustainable-Infrastructure Lessons from Japan 02/06/2015 Chester Liebs, Professor Emeritus of history and historic preservation, University of Vermont
Student presentations from TRB, week 3 01/30/2015 Patrick Singleton and Ryan Dann, Portland State University
Webinar: Exploring Pedestrian Responsive Traffic Signal Timing Strategies in Urban Areas 01/29/2015 Sirisha Kothuri, Ph.D., Portland State University
Student presentations from TRB, week 2 01/23/2015 Steven Gehrke and Kihong Kim, Portland State University
Student presentations from TRB, week 1 01/16/2015 Bryan Blanc, Anais Mathez and Steven Howland; Portland State University
Influential Vectors in Fuel Consumption by an Urban Bus Operator 01/09/2015 João de Abreu e Silva, Ph.D., Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon
Evaluating the planning and implementation of major transit capital projects in the Portland region 12/05/2014 Joseph Recker, Environmental Permits Coordinator, TriMet
Evaluating the Level-of-Service of Protected Bike Lanes 11/21/2014 Nick Foster, Senior Planner, Kittelson and Associates
Accessory Dwelling Units in Portland, Oregon: Evaluation and Interpretation of a Survey of ADU Owners 11/14/2014 Jordan Palmeri, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Green Building Program
Links Between Public Transportation and Physical Activity 11/07/2014 Brian Saelens, Seattle Children's Hospital & University of Washington
Trick or Treatment? Impact of Route-Level Features on Decisions to Walk or Bike 10/31/2014 Joseph Broach, Ph.D. Candidate, Portland State University
IBPI Trail Design Workshop 10/30/2014 Alta Planning + Design instructors
Development of the Idaho Statewide Travel Demand Model Trip Matrices Using Cell Phone OD Data and Origin Destination Matrix Estimation 10/24/2014 Ben Stabler, Senior Supervising Planner, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Understanding Where We Live and How We Travel 10/17/2014 Kristina Currans, Graduate Research Assistant, Portland State University
Examining the Role of Internal Planning Decisions in Improving Transit Performance and Economic Outcomes 10/10/2014 Michal Jaroszynski, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida State University
Using "big data" for transportation analysis: A case study of the LA Metro Expo Line 10/03/2014 Mohja L. Rhoads, Senior Research Associate, South Bay Cities Council of Governments
IBPI Webinar: Evaluating the Level-of-Service of Protected Bike Lanes 09/25/2014 Nick Foster, Kittelson & Associates
Seminar #394: Transforming Transportation Through Connectivity 06/06/2014 Robert Bertini, Portland State University