Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
Planning for Commuter Rail in Washington County 12/06/2002 Joe Walsh, TriMet
Using ITS to Improve Travel in the I-5 South/Barbur Corridor 11/22/2002 Bill Kloos, Traffic Signals/Street Lighting/ITS Division Manager, City of Portland Office of Transportation
Strategic Planning for Initial Attack of Forest Fires: Estimating Travel Times to Forest Fires Using Resistance Surface 11/15/2002 Andrew Wilson, U.S. Forestry Service, Riverside Fire Lab/Portland Forestry Sciences Lab
Transportation Finance at Metro 11/08/2002 Mike Hoglund, Metro
A GIS & Statistical Evaluation of Bicycle Level-of-Service in Northwest Portland 11/01/2002 David Hampsten, MURP Candidate, Portland State University
The Portland Streetcar: A First Year Progress Report 10/25/2002 Kay Dannen, Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc.
Accounting for Freight in the Portland Region's Road & Highway Analyses: A Regional Commodity Flow Forecast and Truck Travel Forecasting Model 10/18/2002 Dick Walker, Travel Forecasting Manager, Metro; Scott Drumm, Senior Research Associate, Port of Portland
Youth Mobility Concepts--Planning Safe Routes for Kids 10/11/2002 Scott Bricker, Youth Programs and Education Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance
Connecting Marquam Hill to North Macadam--Development of the OSHU Tram 10/04/2002 Matt Brown, Project Manager, Portland Office of Transportation
First two years of the Friday Transportation Seminar 10/05/2000 Various