Seminar Topic Date Speaker Archive
An Introduction to the NACTO Urban Street Design - Changing the DNA of City Streets 04/04/2014 Peter Koonce, Portland Bureau of Transportation
Federal Transit Administration's Impact on Public Transportation in the United States 03/14/2014 Amy Changchien, Federal Transit Administration
10 Tips to Tell Your Story in a Thought-Provoking and Technically Truthful Way 03/07/2014 Dave Thompson, Oregon DOT
Measuring Urban Bicyclists' Uptake of Traffic-Related Pollution 02/28/2014 Alex Bigazzi, Portland State University
Bike Planning Methods in Oregon Communities 02/21/2014 Tara Weidner, Oregon DOT
A Recipe for an Online, Geospatial Transit Performance Archive 02/14/2014 Jon Makler, Portland State University
Regional Planning, Greenhouse Gases, and UrbanFootprint open source software 01/31/2014 Garlynn Woodsong, Calthorpe Associates
Modeling Injury Outcomes of Crashes involving Heavy Vehicles on Texas Highways 01/24/2014 Salvador Hernandez, Oregon State University
TRB Highlights: 3 PSU Student Presentations 01/17/2014 Katherine E. Bell, Adam Moore and Liang Ma, Portland State University
Pedestrian Crossings, Bicycling and Transit Stop Removal: 3 Transportation Research Board annual meeting student presentations 01/10/2014 Nick Foster, Christopher Muhs and Zef Wagner, Portland State University
Peak Pedaling: Has Portland Bicycling reached the Top of the Logistic Curve? 12/06/2013 Robert McCullough, McCullough Research
Piloting Portland's MultiModal Arterial Performance System 11/22/2013 Shaun Quayle, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
An Analytical Derivation of the Capacity at Weaving Sections 11/20/2013 Florian Marczak, University of Lyon
Cyclist Compliance at Signalized Intersections 11/15/2013 Sam Thompson, Portland State University
Why doesn't that traffic signal ever turn green? An evaluation of roadway markings for cyclists 11/08/2013 Stefan Bussey, Portland State University
Clouds, Crowds, and Traffic: What 10 emerging Megatrends mean for the future of transportation 11/01/2013 Ted Trepanier, INRIX, Inc.
Congestion modeling and mitigation in the National Airspace System 10/25/2013 David Lovell, University of Maryland
E-Bikes in the United States 10/18/2013 John MacArthur, OTREC at PSU
Transportation Analysis Informing Transportation Planning and Policy at ODOT 10/11/2013 Alexander Bettinardi, ODOT
Using Empirical (real-world) Transportation Data to Extend Travel Demand Model Capabilities 10/04/2013 Michael Mauch, DKS Associates
Inaccessible Accessibility: low-income households and barriers to the “new American dream” 06/07/2013 Arlie Adkins, Portland State University
Skateboarding as Transportation: Findings from Exploratory Research 05/31/2013 Tessa Walker, Portland State University
Are Bicycling and Walking “Cool?”: Adolescent Attitudes about Active Travel 05/24/2013 Tara Goddard, Portland State University
Making Urban Transport Sustainable: Comparison of Germany and the USA 05/17/2013 Ralph Buehler, Virginia Tech
Schedule-based Public Transportation Planning Model and Integration with Other Transportation Planning Models 05/10/2013 Hyunsoo Noh, University of Arizona