PSU Students Win 2009 Oregon ITE Scholarships

OTREC would like to congratulate Josh Crain and Lisa Diercksen, winners of the 2009 Oregon ITE undergraduate and graduate scholarships, respectively. Josh, a native of Oregon, is earning a BS in Civil Engineering at Portland State University and developed an interest in transportation while flying as a Load Master on C-17A cargo aircraft in the Air Force. Lisa, who has a BSCE from Iowa State University, will graduate this month with an MSCE from Portland State. Lisa will also be inducted into the Denice Dee Denton Women Engineers Hall of Fame. Both Josh and Lisa have worked as research assistants in PSUís ITS Lab. Pictured, left to right: Pam OíBrien (DKS Associates), Josh Crain, Lisa Diercksen, Chris Tiesler (Kittelson and Associates) and Bikram Raghubansh (Clackamas County).

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