OTREC Announces Second RFP

OTREC released its second RFP for transportation research, education and technology transfer proposals on April 11, 2007 (projects will begin October 1, 2007). The RFP invites research proposals that combine advanced research with applied projects that fit the OTREC theme, and are within the USDOTís priority research areas of safety, mobility, global connectivity, environmental stewardship, security and congestion. Education proposals should serve to attract more students to a transportation profession, or support continued education for practitioners. Technology transfer proposals should support transportation outreach, including dissemination of research results, continuing education, and training. Faculty members and research faculty eligible to serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) at Portland State University, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, or the Oregon Institute of Technology may submit proposals. Abstracts are due April 27; full proposals are due May 25.

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