New FHWA VMT Forecasts Implications for Local Planning

Friday, May 22, 2015, 12:00pm to 1:00pm PDT
Andrew Mortensen, Project Manager, David Evans and Associates
Free and open to the public

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New FHWA VMT Forecasts and Implications for Local Planning


Post-Apocalyptic Zombies Ate Oregon’s Post-Recession, ATR Regression

Where: Room 204 of the Distance Learning Center Wing of the Urban Center at PSU

A summary of FHWA’s new national traffic trends assessment will be presented, including discussion of varied factors influencing forward-thinking forecasts. Examples of Oregon statewide vehicle miles travelled (VMT) and historic traffic trends from ATR stations in the Portland urban region and greater Willamette Valley will be highlighted. VMT, population and income data will be noted with implications on local transportation planning.

Andrew is an associate with David Evans & Associates, Inc., with over 28 years of experience in multimodal transportation planning with emphasis on sustainable community and Complete Street policy and plan development. He focuses on developing multimodal transportation plans with context-sensitive street standards and policies that implement enhanced bicycle and pedestrian use and circulation. His area of expertise includes measured pedestrian-access-to-transit connectivity, the implementation of growth management policies, and multimodal transportation funding and concurrency management policy and program enhancements that better integrate bicycle, pedestrian and transit system project priorities. Prior to joining David Evans and Associates in late 2014, Andrew completed a city center multimodal plan and bus rapid transit corridor concept design for the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport in Al Ain, UAE’s cultural and historic capitol.