Sustainable Urban Logistics: SeuLo

Friday, February 29, 2008, 12:00pm to 1:00pm PST
Erkki Timmerbacka, Senior Consultant, Establish United Logistics Group (Finland Oy)

The video begins at 8:32.

Abstract: Would a logistics service provider be a success story, if its services are called; "A logistics assistant for households and a partner for retail and other services"? And would shopping malls be more environmentally friendly, if they have their "virtual duplicate" with delivery services? 

This talk will focus on a project in the Helsinki area now in its early piloting phase, called SeuLo, an abbreviation from Sustainable Urban Logistics. SeuLo-service may be characterized by the slogan: “A logistics assistant for households and a neutral partner for e-retail and other services.” The idea is to have a viewpoint of a household with its different logistics needs, rather than a viewpoint of different retailers or other services. This idea, after it was found, is very simple and natural, but its implementation as a demand chain network is complicated and has to be opened up using a “step by step” approach. Using the SeuLo-service, a household may shop from different e-retailers: grocery, local and organic food producers, pharmacy, laundry services or order books from public library in a consolidated order and have these parcels delivered as a single shipment.