Webinar: The Association Between Light Rail Transit, Streetcars and Bus Rapid Transit on Jobs, People and Rents

Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 10:00am to 11:00am PST
Arthur C. Nelson, University of Arizona

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Webinar: The Association Between Light Rail Transit, Streetcars and Bus Rapid Transit

What are the job, residential development and market rent outcomes of Light Rail Transit (LRT), Streetcar Transit (SCT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)?

LRT, SCR and BRT investments are spreading rapidly across the country but there is scant evidence of their effect on where people work and live, and effects on market rents as an indicator of value. This webinar will summarize several years of NITC-sponsored research into development outcomes associated with these transit investments.

The webinar will be led by NITC researcher Arthur C. Nelson who was the principal investigator of two projects: Do TODs Make a Difference? and National Study of Bus Rapid Transit Development Outcomes. Using a common database and analytic methods applied to 11 LRT systems, 8 BRT systems, and 3 SCT systems, Nelson will summarize key findings relating to:

  • The extent to which these transit systems shifted job and population patterns,
  • How these systems are shaping the real estate rental market for office, retail and apartment developments,
  • Their influence on job attractiveness by wage categories, and,
  • The spatial interactions between transit and land use patterns.

This webinar will also raise questions for future research.


Arthur C. Nelson is Professor of Planning and Real Estate Development at the University of Arizona where he is also Professor of Geography and Regional Development. His research interests include the economic development and demographic outcomes associated with transit, metropolitan-scale urban form, how changing economics and demographics will reshape metropolitan America, and comparative metropolitan governance structures. He is the author of Reshaping Metropolitan America and Foundations of Real Estate Development Finance: A Guide for Public-Private Partnerships.