OTREC Pre-Solicitation Notice

OTREC is releasing this pre-solicitation notice to help potential Principal Investigators (PIs) and researchers plan for their proposal submittal in the upcoming year.  If you have any questions, please contact Hau Hagedorn at hagedorn@pdx.edu. Some specifics relating to the next RFP include:

  • PIs will have 9 weeks for developing proposals.
  • PIs are to submit a brief (1-2 paragraphs) proposal description by Feb 25 to help assist in identifying peer reviewers. The quicker topical areas can be identified, the more efficient the peer review process.
  • Current PIs who are interested in submitting a proposal are expected to turn in all outstanding reports and products by Mar 31. OTREC will not accept proposals from PIs with outstanding reports and/or products. That is, if a PI submits a proposal and does not turn in their deliverables by Mar 31, we will not send their proposals out for peer review.
  • New for this year, PIs with projects with an end date of on or before Sep. 30, 2010 will need to submit their match documentation. OTREC staff will follow up with PIs individually.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Activity

Anticipated 2011 Dates

Issue Notice of RFP timeline

Dec 15, 2010

Issue RFP

Jan 12, 2011

ODOT RAC Stage 2 Project Selection

Feb 24, 2011

OTREC Proposal description (1-2 paragraphs) for  assigning peer reviewers due

Feb 25, 2011

OTREC Proposals Due

Mar 16, 2011

Outstanding reports & products due

Mar 31, 2011

Peer Review

Mar 23- May 13

Analyze reviews and develop draft recommendation

Week of May 16

Executive Committee Meeting

Week of May 23

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