TCS 2016

The second annual Transportation and Communities Summit took place at Portland State University on September 8–9, 2016. See photos. Browse this page to see the archived videos, presentations and posters, or click here to access the full playlist of videos from the 2016 Summit. Details about the workshop day are here

Getting Ahead of the Autonomous Future

Entire session, including Q&A (scroll down to watch individual presentations):

Breakout Session 1: Getting Ahead of the Autonomous Future; TCS 2016

Moderator: Maurice Henderson (Portland Bureau of Transportation).

Speakers: Andrew Dick (Oregon Department of Transportation), Lauren Isaac (WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff), Ashley Hand (CityFi).

View Andrew Dick's presentation slides or watch his presentation

View Lauren Isaac's presentation slides or watch her presentation

View Ashley Hand's presentation slides or watch her presentation

Putting Equity into Multimodal Transportation Planning

Moderator: Zan Gibbs (Portland Bureau of Transportation).

Speakers: Lisa Bates (Portland State University), Adonia Lugo (California State Los Angeles), Aaron Golub (Portland State University), Mychal Tetteh (Community Cycling Center).

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Planning for Emergencies and Recovery

Moderator: Jonna Papaefthimiou (Portland Bureau of Emergency Management)

Speakers: John MacArthur (Portland State University), Divya Chandrasekhar (University of Utah) and Lawrence A. Eichhorn (Seattle Department of Transportation). 

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Travel Choices of Tomorrow 

Moderator: Kelly Clifton (Portland State University)

Speakers: Adam Cohen (UC Berkeley), Eric Hesse (TriMet), Brad Gleeson (CIVIQ).

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Mitigating Displacement from Transportation Investments

Entire session, including Q&A (scroll down to watch individual presentations):

Breakout Session 2: Mitigating Displacement from Transportation Investments; TCS 2016

Moderator: Dana Dickman (Alta Planning + Design).

Speakers: Christopher Coes (LOCUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors), Jillian Detweiler (Portland Mayor's office) and Gerardo Sandoval (University of Oregon).

View Gerardo Sandoval's presentation slides or watch his presentation

View Jillian Detweiler's presentation slides or watch her presentation

View Christopher Coes's presentation slides or watch his presentation

Economic Impacts of Transportation Projects

Moderator: Robert Liberty (Portland State University Institute for Sustainable Solutions).

Speakers: Joe Cortright (City Observatory & Impresa, Inc.), Jenny Liu (Portland State University) and Michelle Poyourow (Jarrett Walker + Associates). 

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Performance Measures for Livable Communities

Moderator: Lynn Peterson (Smart Growth America).

Speakers: Chris Rall (Transportation for America), Eric Sundquist (State Smart Transportation Initiative) and Karla Kingsley (Kittelson & Associates).

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Achieving Vision Zero

Entire session, including Q&A (scroll down to watch individual presentations):

Breakout Session 3: Achieving Vision Zero; TCS 2016

Moderator: Brian Davis (Lancaster Engineering).

Speakers: Eric Dumbaugh (Florida Atlantic University), Marco Conner (Transportation Alternatives) and Rebecca Sanders (Toole Design Group).

View Eric Dumbaugh's presentation slides or watch his presentation

View Marco Conner's presentation slides or watch his presentation

View Rebecca Sanders's presentation slides or watch her presentation

Redesigning Suburbia

Moderator: Sadie Carney (Salem Department of Land Conservation and Development). 

Speakers: Reid Ewing (University of Utah), David Berniker (city of Gresham) and Nico Larco (University of Oregon).

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Keynote Address; TCS 2016

Keynote speaker: Brian David Johnson— Futurist and Fellow, Frost and Sullivan; Futurist in Residence, Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination; Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society

View Brian David Johnson's presentation slides


Achieving Goals through Performance Management, Alexis Biddle & Rory Isbell, University of Oregon

Understanding Shared Space: An Examination of Cyclists & Shared Space Projects, Allison Duncan, Portland State University

Design for an Aging Population, Trygve Faste, University of Oregon*

An activity-related land use mix construct and its connection to pedestrian travel, Steven Gehrke, Portland State University

Drivers’ Attitudes and Behaviors toward Bicyclists: Explicit and Implicit Attitudes and Self-Reported Safety Behaviors, Tara Goddard, Portland State University*

Road Dieting Effects on Access to Local Businesses: A Before-and-After Study of Replacing General Travel Lanes with Bicycle Lanes, Drew Heckathorn, University of California, Davis

Breeze, Kinsey Johnson, University of Oregon

Stride Walker – Getting to the bus stop, Jack Koby & Carly Keyes, University of Oregon

Safety Effectiveness of Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements in Oregon, Sirisha Kothuri, Portland State University*

Laboratory Evaluation of Mobile Device Acceleration Sensors for Structural Damage Detection, Samuel M. Lozano, Oregon Institute of Technology

Overcoming Equity Barriers in Bike Share, Nathan McNeil, Portland State University

Getting the Public on Board:  Best Practices in Public Engagement from the Powell-Division Transit and Development Project in Portland, Oregon , Deb Morrison, University of Oregon*

Transit-Oriented Development Makes a Difference, Arthur C. Nelson, University of Utah/University of Arizona

Counting Bicycling and Walking in Oregon, Krista Nordback, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Using Mobile Devices to Teach Structural Dynamics and Structural Health Monitoring, C.J. Riley, Oregon Institute of Technology*

StreetWise: Evidence and Insight for Better Transportation, Kelly Rodgers, Portland State University/StreetWise Planning

An EPIC Approach toward Transportation Education and Catalyzing Community Change, Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon, Sustainable Cities Initiative

Conceptualizing and measuring the positive utility of travel, Patrick Singleton, Portland State University

Improving Walkability with Alternate Signal Control Strategies, Edward Smaglik, Northern Arizona University*

Evaluating the Suitability of Leading Pedestrian Intervals at Signalized Intersections, Oliver Smith, Portland Bureau of Transportation

Trip and Parking Generation at Transit-Oriented Developments, Guang Tian, University of Utah

One Place at a Time.... Holistic Anatomy and  Physiology of Community and City Planning, Thuy Tu, Thuy Tu Consulting, LLC

Addressing Bicycle-Vehicle Conflicts with Signal Control Strategies, Michael Williams, Portland State University

States on the Hot Seat: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation, Rob Zako, University of Oregon

*Some poster PDFs are not available.

Student Video Contest


Missy Gerlach of Whitman College accepts the Grand Prize for the NITC student video contest from NITC director Jennifer Dill.

Check out the other winners here.