Date Scholar Presentation
03/13/2020 Anne Kirkham, Berlin Institute of Technology Cancelled: Friday Transportation Seminar: Grassroots Transportation Politics in Bremen and Berlin: A Matter of Environmental Justice
10/11/2019 Offer Grembek, Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC) Friday Transportation Seminar: The Safe System Approach: Considerations for Developing a Multi-Layered System
08/16/2019 Shaun Williams, School of Applied Social Science, Brighton University Friday Transportation Seminar: The Datafication of Cycling – Effects and Opportunities at the Intersection of Industry and Transport Policy
06/28/2019 L. Penny Rosenblum, Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies, University of Arizona Friday Transportation Seminar: Challenges and Considerations for Travelers Who Have Visual Impairments: What Can You Do to Support Their Independence?
05/10/2019 Dr. Gonçalo Correia, TU Delft University Friday Transportation Seminar: How AV Could Shape Our Cities - Research from the Netherlands
05/03/2019 Alex Bigazzi, University of British Columbia Friday Transportation Seminar: That Bike is Too Heavy: Merging Bicycling Physics, Human Physiology and Travel Behavior
04/19/2019 Haizhong Wang, Oregon State University Friday Transportation Seminar: An Agent-Based Evacuation Model to Improve Safety in the Cascadia Subduction Zone
04/05/2019 James Fowe, HERE Technologies Friday Transportation Seminar: Deriving Lane-level Insight from GPS Data: Innovations for Traffic & Autonomous Driving
02/15/2019 Lucas van der Linde, Goudappel Coffeng Friday Transportation Seminar: The Success of an Integrated Mobility Strategy: Lessons from the Netherlands for the Pacific West Coast
11/16/2018 Sabya Mishra, University of Memphis Friday Transportation Seminar: Scenarios for Adoption of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies in Freight
10/19/2018 Marilyn Johnson, Monash University Friday Transportation Seminar: Cycling Research and Practice in Australia: Insights from a Hybrid Approach
07/31/2018 Lucas van der Linde, Gouddapel Cofeng Utrecht Mobility Hubs: TREC and YPT Summer Seminar
05/25/2018 Steven Gehrke, Boston Metropolitan Area Planning Council Friday Transportation Seminar: A Survey of Ride-Hailing Passengers
05/18/2018 Martijn Rietbergen, Utrecht University Friday Transportation Seminar: Utrecht, Bike Capital of the World
03/09/2018 Alireza Khani, University of Minnesota Friday Transportation Seminar: Transit Demand Analysis and User Classification Using Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Data
03/02/2018 Anne Kirkham, University of Bremen Friday Transportation Seminar: Citizen Advocacy for Safe Streets in Bremen, Germany
02/09/2018 Fumihiko Nakamura, Yokohama National University, Japan Friday Transportation Seminar: Urban Transportation Planning and TOD Research in Japan
12/01/2017 Chris Cherry, University of Tennessee Friday Transportation Seminar: New Probe Data Sources to Measure Cycling Behavior and Safety
11/17/2017 Robert Liberty, Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions at PSU -AND- Lynn Peterson, Transportation Consultant Friday Transportation Seminar: California's Paradigm Shift from LOS to VMT as a Transportation Impact Metric: Policies, Politics, and Possibilities
11/08/2017 Tamika Butler, Executive Director, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust Ann Niles Active Transportation Lecture featuring Tamika Butler
10/27/2017 Olof Moen, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Friday Transportation Seminar: Municipal Co-Distribution of Goods – Business Models, Stakeholders and Driving Forces for Change
09/29/2017 Narelle Haworth, Queensland University of Technology Friday Transportation Seminar: Bicycle Safety (and Other) Research at CARRS-Q in Brisbane, Australia
06/09/2017 Marlon Boarnet, University of Southern California Environmentally Sustainable and Affordable Housing Near Transit in Los Angeles
06/02/2017 Christopher Cherry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville China's Motorization Wave and the Place of Emerging Technologies
05/12/2017 Xuegang (Jeff) Ban, University of Washington Network Congestion Effect of E-Hailing Transportation Services
04/28/2017 Jan Nederveen, City of Delft Transport Planning in Delft, Netherlands
03/10/2017 Eleni Christofa, University of Massachusetts Amherst Addressing Data Challenges for Bicycle Crash Analysis
03/03/2017 Greg Macfarlane, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff Big data and the future of travel modeling
02/17/2017 Brian Gregor, Oregon Analytics Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to Model Policy Issues in the face of Uncertainty and Limited Data
01/13/2017 Ricardo Giesen, Universidad Catolica Chile Avoiding bus bunching: From theory to practice
10/21/2016 Anne Dunning, University of Kansas Planning Transportation for Recreational Areas
10/14/2016 Deborah Salon, Assistant Professor, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University Can Location Value Capture Pay for Transit? Organizational Challenges of Transforming Theory Into Practice
09/30/2016 Galit Cohen-Blankshtain, Ph.D., School of Public Policy and Dept. of Geography, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Integrative Public Transport in a Segmented City: Reflections from Jerusalem
02/26/2016 Mikhail Chester, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University Parking Infrastructure: A Constraint on or Opportunity for Urban Redevelopment? A Study of Los Angeles County Parking Supply and Growth
01/15/2016 Geoff Rose, Professor, Monash University Assessing Travel Plans for Residential Developments
12/04/2015 Alison Conway, Assistant Professor, City College of New York Cargo Cycles for Local and Last Mile Delivery: Lessons from New York City
11/13/2015 Ran Wei, Assistant Professor, University of Utah Choropleth Mapping of Estimates and Errors of Estimation from the American Community Survey
10/16/2015 Jeffrey Rosenblum, Adjunct Instructor, Northeastern University; Ph.D. candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology The backstory: How LivableStreets advocates changed Boston
10/09/2015 Arlie Adkins, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona Location-efficient affordable housing as a pre-requisite for a safe, healthy, and equitable transportation system
05/01/2015 Gulsah Akar, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University Travel Decisions & Their Implications for Urban Transportation: From Campus Transportation to Statewide Modeling
04/10/2015 Richard J. Porter, Assistant Professor, P.E., University of Utah Geometric Design, Speed, and Safety
03/13/2015 Peter Furth, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University Self-Organizing Signals: A Better Framework for Transit Signal Priority
03/06/2015 Wei Feng, Performance Analyst, Chicago Transit Authority Empirical Evaluation of Transit Signal Priority through Fusion of Heterogeneous Transit and Traffic Signal Data and Novel Performance Measures
01/09/2015 João de Abreu e Silva, Ph.D., Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon Influential Vectors in Fuel Consumption by an Urban Bus Operator
11/07/2014 Brian Saelens, Seattle Children's Hospital & University of Washington Links Between Public Transportation and Physical Activity
10/10/2014 Michal Jaroszynski, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida State University Examining the Role of Internal Planning Decisions in Improving Transit Performance and Economic Outcomes
10/03/2014 Mohja L. Rhoads, Senior Research Associate, South Bay Cities Council of Governments Using "big data" for transportation analysis: A case study of the LA Metro Expo Line
05/16/2014 Ron Van Houten, Western Michigan University Pedestrian Safety and Culture Change
10/25/2013 David Lovell, University of Maryland Congestion modeling and mitigation in the National Airspace System
05/17/2013 Ralph Buehler, Virginia Tech Making Urban Transport Sustainable: Comparison of Germany and the USA
02/08/2013 Gene Hawkins, Texas Transportation Institute The Future of the MUTCD
11/30/2012 Paul Waddell, UC Berkeley Modeling and Visualizing Sustainability in the Bay Area
11/18/2011 David A. Noyce, University of Wisconsin-Madison Traffic Safety Engineering at Wisconsin: Using Traditional Methodologies with Full-Scale Driving Simulation to Advance Roadway Safety
10/28/2011 Shane Brown, Washington State University Student, Practitioner, and Faculty Context and Understanding of Sight Distance and Stopping Sight Distance
10/21/2011 Ronald Tamse, City of Utrecht (Netherlands) Lessons from Utrecht: Connecting Bicycle and Rail Networks
10/07/2011 Andrew Dannenberg, MD, MPH, University of Washington and Center for Disease Control Making Healthy Places: Designing and Building for Health, Well-being, and Sustainability
05/06/2011 Robert Schneider, UC Berkeley How Do People Choose a Travel Mode? Factors Associated with Routine Walking & Bicycling
10/15/2010 Peter Jacobsen, P.E., Public Health Consultant Vision Zero: Towards Zero Deaths
05/14/2010 Gill Hicks, Cambridge Systematics The Alameda Corridor – Lessons Learned
05/07/2010 Michael Anderson, NYSDOT Tappan Zee Bridge - I 287 Corridor Project. A Bridge to the Next Century
04/09/2010 David Kurth, Cambridge Systematics Modeling High Speed Rail Ridership and Revenue in California: An Overview
03/12/2010 Shawn Turner, Program Manager, Texas Transportation Institute, The Texas A&M University System Comparing Active Transportation Approaches in China and Europe
02/12/2010 Rick Willson, PhD, Professor, Cal Poly Pomona Transit Oriented Development 2.0
11/13/2009 Joan Walker, UC Berkeley The Power and Value of 'Green' in Promoting Sustainable Travel Behaviors
10/30/2009 David Strayer, University of Utah The Multi-Tasking Driver: Are We Being Driven to Distraction?
10/16/2009 Eric Dumbaugh, Texas A&M Urban Form and Traffic Safety: Examining the Design and Developmental Factors that Influence Crash Incidence
07/10/2009 Michael Sivak, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute Upsides of the current economic downturn: Changes in vehicle fuel economy, amount of driving, vehicle emissions, and road fatalities
06/25/2009 Geoff Rose, Director, Institute of Transport Studies, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne Australia Emerging types of private vehicles and their implications for road system management
06/12/2009 Dr. Benjamin Coifman, Associate Professor, Ohio State University Imbalances in Lane Change Accommodation Time and Lasting Disturbances
05/27/2009 Peter Furth, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University Cycle Tracks and Bicycle Priority Lanes: More Tools to Serve Traffic Intolerant Riders
05/26/2009 Peter Furth, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University Aggressive Signal Priority with Compensation: Maximizing the Transit Benefit Without Disrupting Traffic
05/08/2009 Luca Quadrifoglio, Assistant Professor, Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University Zoning Strategy Effect in ADA Paratransit Services: A Simulation Study in Los Angeles, CA
05/01/2009 Brian Lee, Doctoral Candidate, University of Washington Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Urban Design & Planning Re-examining the influence of work and non-work accessibility on residential location choices with a micro-analytic framework
04/10/2009 Scott Samuelsen, Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center, UC Irvine Powering the Future of Transportation
04/03/2009 David Levinson, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Networks, Economics, and Urban Systems (NEXUS) research group Transport, Land Use, and Value
03/13/2009 Robin Chase, founder and former CEO of Zipcar, founder and current CEO of GoLoco and Meadow Networks How Sharing and Openness Should Play a Critical Role in Our Transportation Future
11/14/2008 David L. Goodstein, Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil
11/16/2007 Brian Taylor, Professor, Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles Transit's Dirty Little Secret: Analyzing Patterns of Transit Use
09/28/2007 John Pucher, Professor, Rutgers University Promoting Safe Walking and Cycling to Improve Public Health: Lessons from Europe
05/18/2007 Peter Stopher, Professor of Transport Planning, Institute of Transport & Logistics Studies, University of Sydney Using a GPS Panel to Evaluate Travel Behavior Changes
05/04/2007 Susan Handy, Professor, UC Davis Bicycling in Davis, CA : A Critical Look at Policy and Behavior in the First Platinum Bicycle City in the U.S.
03/09/2007 Joseph M. Sussman, JR East Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Where Transportation is Going: Transportation in the CLIOS System Era
02/02/2007 Donald Shoup, Professor, Urban Planning, UCLA The High Cost of Free Parking
10/27/2006 Alan E. Pisarski The End of Commuting
04/21/2006 Jonathan Levine, Chair and Associate Professor of Urban + Regional Planning, University of Michigan Zoned Out: Regulation, Markets, and Choices in Transportation and Metropolitan Land Use
04/14/2006 Kenneth A. Small, Professor of Economics, U.C. Irvine Optimal Mass Transit Subsidies
02/03/2006 Dan Sperling, University of California at Davis Oil and the Internal Combustion Engine: End of an Era?
11/18/2005 Matthew Kitchen, Puget Sound Regional Council Seattle Value Pricing Demonstration Project
06/03/2005 Sandra Rosenbloom, University of Arizona If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem: The Planner's Role in Meeting the Transportation Needs of An Aging Society.
04/15/2005 Martin Wachs, Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California at Berkeley A Quiet Revolution in Transportation Finance
04/01/2005 Nigel Wilson, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Extending the Value of Automatic Data Collection Systems in Transit